During the 2016 CES, the overwhelming amount of French Startups left its mark on the American tech community. It’s safe to say that France is becoming an international tech powerhouse.

Lots of these French based companies are trending topics within Product Hunt’s community. A few months ago, in a blog post published after the terrorist attacks in Paris, Product Hunt’s CEO, Ryan Hoover, wrote:

“so many of our favorite products and makers have emerged out of France. We are constantly in awe of and grateful for the innovativeness of Paris and other cities throughout the country.”

Product Hunt is a daily curation of the best new products where members upvote the products they like. The most active users have the right to submit new products and engage in conversations. Since their launch in 2014, many French startups made waves throughout the platform and often made it to the top of the trending lists. That’s why we’ve decided to highlight the top 20 French startups on Product Hunt (based on the presence if both The French and Founded in France collections. We only chose the launching startups).


#1 Email Hunter ▲2162

Email Hunter: Find all the emails related to a domain

Email Hunter – Find all the emails related to a domain. Posted by Nicolas Grenié, on Product Hunt.

Email Hunter is the easiest way to find professional email addresses. Give a domain name and get the list of all the emails related to it. With 2162 upvotes, it’s one of the most upvoted product in Product Hunt’s history!

Email Hunter recently launched their Chrome and Google Sheets extensions, allowing them to reach over 10,000 users in only 3 months!


#2 Bubble ▲1625

Bubble: Build a fully functional web app without any code

Hi everyone, I’m Emmanuel, cofounder of Bubble with @jphaas1. We’re excited to have it here! We started Bubble because we think that more people should be ab…

With Bubble, “you don’t need  to be an engineer to build a startup”. What an appealing value proposition for all the marketers and designers struggling to find a technical co-founder! Building a fully functional web app without any code is now possible with their product, you just need to point and click to build your app.

With 1625 upvotes, this French startup is the hot topic among the development apps on Product Hunt.


#3 Batch ▲927

Batch: The first-ever 100% free engagement platform for mobile apps

Batch.com is a fresh take on the old ‘crm platform for mobile apps’ concept – push notifications, analytics, promotions engine – but this time we took a bit …

Batch is a suite of state of the art engagement & communication tools for mobile developers. It basically allows you to segment your audience automatically and start sending personalized push notification.

After launching on Product Hunt, the French startup experienced  a fast growth. Today, they proudly share their metrics: 900 developers, 35,000,000 monthly users and 1,500 live apps!


#4 Front 2.0 ▲897

Front 2.0: Shared team inboxes to manage Email, Twitter, SMS & more

We’re excited to introduce Front 2.0, re-designed and re-coded from scratch: it’s faster and includes new features (real time activity, detailed analytics, a…

Front is an inbox management software. They allow the creation of team based inboxes to manage Email, Twitter, SMS and more. Thanks to them, companies are finally able to easily handle the large amount of emails they receive everyday which improves customer support and sales operations.


#5 Solid ▲784

Solid: The easiest solution for productive meetings

Hello Product Hunt, we’re thrilled to officially launch Solid today! A few months into a closed beta allowed us to partner closely with select teams to bring…

Wisembly recently launched Solid, it helps teams run group meetings in a more efficient manner. It’s no secret that time is often wasted during corporate meetings, this new tool allows you to get the meeting’s  agenda, tasks & decisions instantly in your mailbox. Besides, you can use Solid to set specific meeting time frames. A must have for companies!


#6 Talkus ▲779

Talkus: Chat with your website users from Slack

Talkus – Chat with your website users from Slack. Posted by Axel Le Pennec, on Product Hunt.

Talkus allows you to chat with your website users from Slack. Just add their code to your page and start helping your customers or future clients.


#7 SOUNDS ▲577

SOUNDS: Share music on Instagram

Yo Hunters! We’ve been working in stealth mode for a while and we are SO proud to be featured on @ProductHunt today! @Sounds_App is a very simple app to Disc…

We usually use Instagram to share pictures. But SOUNDS uses the famous social network to share music. A free app to discover and share music on Instagram, their goal is to gather the instagrammers’ community around music.


#8 One Cash ▲561

One Cash: Tip people you love on Twitter with $1

Hi! I’m Greg, CEO of Mindie and now One Cash. The idea of One came directly from mindie when we were looking for new ways to reward creators on the platform….

One Cash allows you to reward the creators on the internet. Using Twitter, you can tip people 1$ sending one single tweet without any fee!


#9 Birdly ▲541

Birdly: Have a 360-degree view on your customers

Thanks Justin for hunting us ! Hey Product Hunters! Quang, CEO of Birdly here. Birdly is a bot that lets your team have a 360° view on your customer. Now, yo…

Birdly created a special assistant right into your slack dashboard. Just ask him something about one of your customers and you will get the informations!


#10 Sunrise ▲491

Sunrise: Beautifully designed calendar app

Sunrise – Beautifully designed calendar app. Posted by Solene Maître, on Product Hunt.

Sunrise is a beautifully designed calendar app. It has all the features we ever wanted in a calendar app with a beautiful UI/UX design.


#11 Keecker ▲466

Keecker: Transform any surface into an amazing screen (pre-launch)

Keecker – Transform any surface into an amazing screen (pre-launch). Posted by Murat Mutlu, on Product Hunt.

Keecker is a robot that will bring your house to the next level: “any wall becomes a screen, any room a concert hall, where your family shares magic moments, where technology is no longer a burden”.   Within the past few months, the French robot sparked a lot of interest in the tech community through various events. What we especially like about Keecker is the idea that maybe tomorrow, it will become the main hub for all our connected devices.



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#12 Algolia ▲398

Algolia: Build Realtime Search

Thanks for your positive feedback Ryan. Our YC experience is very positive so far, the main value is to have the team in the same place 24/7 focused on execu…

All entrepreneurs who care about the usability of their app know about Algolia. Building unique search experiences, Algolia is a hosted search API that delivers instant and relevant results from the first keystroke.

The French startup now operates worldwide and uses custom demos to sustain their growth. For example, you can browse Hacker News at a lighting speed!


#13 Plume Air Report ▲336

Plume Air Report: Stay ahead of air pollution with this AI-powered app

Hi everyone, Romain here, maker of the Plume Air Report with @dlissmyr – thanks for the support! Our Air Report stems from the realization that while quantif…

<p style="text-align: justify;"If you’re into breathing the freshest air around, Plume is the app you need! It allows you to know what you breathe in real-time in major cities around the world. Besides, it gives you tips to protect yourself against air pollution.


#14 Mention ▲294

Mention: Better Google alerts.

Mention – Better Google alerts.. Posted by Mike Knoop, on Product Hunt.

The name of this French startup speaks for itself: Mention is a tool to monitor and analyze your online presence. Find out who is talking about you, your startup or your new product and engage with them through social media!

With 350,000 clients, it is one of the european leaders in this field.


#15 Bunkr ▲292

Bunkr: Elegant presentation of your web content (new update)

Hi Product Hunters, I’m CMO and co-founder of Bunkr. After 5 months of hard work we’re excited to introduce the new Bunkr! Re-designed and re-coded by the wh…

Bunkr is the first presentation tool that displays any online content. This is especially useful for designers, marketers, developers or entrepreneurs who want to share metrics, codes, or work in progress from any app on the web.


#16 PLEEK ▲273

PLEEK: Picture messaging with a twist

Hello guys & thanks Ryan and Team ! We launched PLEEK earlier this week, and we had the chance to be featured as an editor choice by Apple. The idea was …

As PLEEK’s CEO said about his app, “the idea was to create a messaging app with a funny twist, allowing users to reply directly with videos, pictures, and awesome memes”. Thanks to a viral effect, they gathered a massive amount of users right after their launch and now PLEEK is working on improving its app to scale up.


#17 La Belle Assiette ▲246

La Belle Assiette: Book a professional chef to entertain your guests at home

Thank you so much for the post Mathilde 🙂 Hi hunters! I’m Stephen Leguillon, co-founder and CEO of La Belle Assiette. La Belle Assiette (“The Beautiful Plat…

Food really matters in France. That’s why this French startup created a website allowing you to book a professional chef to entertain your guests at home. You can either foot the bill or split it between your friends, and enjoy your dinner in the comfort of your home.


#18 Mailjet ▲219

Mailjet: Send marketing and transactional emails with one account

Hey! I’m one of the co-founders of Mailjet. Thanks @erictwillis for hunting @mailjet and to everyone for the nice comments. We been building an all-in-one em…

Mailjet is a bulk email marketing service and one of the main competitors of Mailchimp. With their product, you can deliver marketing and transactional emails in one account to optimize your customer’s email experience. After growing in France, the French startup is now operating worldwide with more than 30,000 paying customers.


#19 Tracktl ▲186

Tracktl: Let people control the music

Thank You @SkyWiiz for the post. @jbrisebois and @EAWharton so glad you enjoy it as much as we do ! We were doing it for house party at first but we are now …

Tracktl is a social jukebox allowing you to manage the music during your events. First, you can invite your friends to add their songs, then everyone can vote for their favorite tracks. Finally, the French startup allows you to display your Trackparty  live on your TV screen.


#20 Quotle ▲184

Quotle: Save, share & discover text from your mobile

Hi Product Hunters, I am Olivier, the co-founder of Quotle. We just launched Quotle yesterday on iOS and it’s so cool to be on Product Hunt today. With Quotl…

Quotle is helping book lovers save, share and discover texts from their mobile phone. You just have to snap a capture of the text you are reading and the app extracts it thanks to Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.

Then, you can design a beautiful text card with custom fonts and colors fitting the tonality of your quote and share it on social networks.




#21 Flashgap ▲182

Flashgap 2.0: Time-delayed photo-sharing app inspired by the movie ‘The Hangover’

Thanks for the hunt @bentossell Hi everyone! For our Launch in the US, we have completely reworked on Flashgap. We changed the logo and redesigned the app. W…

Flashgap is a yime-delayed photo-sharing app inspired by the movie ‘The Hangover’. During an event, it is impossible to see or remember everything. With Flashgap your friends will always be there to remind you.


#22 Infinit ▲135

Infinit: Fast, elegant and unlimited file transfer application (Mac)

Infinit – Fast, elegant and unlimited file transfer application (Mac). Posted by Anthony Marnell, on Product Hunt.

Last but not least, Infinit is a file storage and sharing startup created in 2012 to allow anyone to send any file, of any size, to anyone, on any device.

The application is based on a point-to-point technology that connects both the sender’s and recipient’s computer directly. This deviates from cloud-based services like WeTransfer, YouSendIt (Hightail) and Dropbox that rely on a two-phase process through which the files must first be uploaded to the cloud before they can be downloaded by a recipient.



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Written by Nicolas Le Roux – LinkedIn | @nico_lrx

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