4 Inbound Marketing Techniques You Should Be Implementing (Part I)

As new Internet communication channels appear and constantly evolve, marketers work hard to keep their strategies relevant with new technologies. Inbound marketing is a successful marketing strategy you can’t afford to ignore but can afford to implement.

Inbound marketing works by earning the attention of a wide range of potential customers who are looking for your products and services online. By placing your business a few keystrokes away from potential customers researching your industry, passive prospects can turn into new customers. This process is represented down below:


What is inbound marketing?

Here are four main types of inbound marketing strategies companies engage in:

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization: Making changes to your website and online content in order for search engines to find and deliver targeted visitors to your website.
  • PPC – Pay-per-click advertising: By targeting ads to prospects searching for key buying terms online, businesses drive traffic to their website by paying for clicks on popular search engines like Google.
  • Social Media: By posting quality content onto your social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, prospects are able to like, follow & become a fan of your company or brand increasing their likelihood to buy.
  • Newsletters: Not every prospect that visits your website or social media presence is ready to buy. Prospects can be nurtured by reading your monthly newsletter or social media content until they’re ready to move forward.

Inbound marketing can be relatively inexpensive, and a great way to acquire new customers online. It doesn’t just lead to more leads, but will actually  generate revenue if executed effectively. Inbound marketing is about staying relevant in the prospect’s mind throughout the buying process. In this world, content is king.

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