Alumni: How has your company evolved during and after ubi i/o?

“First of all: Contract-Live is in the U.S. now!

The difference can be seen in the way we manage Contract-Live. We lost some of the limitations we had while in France, thinking big is no longer a problem and the sky is the limit!  Contract-Live’s future is being built in the U.S. as we speak.  We will ensure that no company will have to manage their contracts manually.” – Mathieu Lhoumeau, CEO & Co-Founder @ContractLive

“ubi i/o has had a great impact on our company and will continue to do so over time. Things are bound to change significantly as we start setting up our team and offices in the U.S. We are planning on setting up a subsidiary for support, sales and marketing. As for our vision, there is an enormous opportunity for our product as we continue getting more and more U.S. traction despite the early stage of our project. We’re now aware of our huge potential, we’re here to disrupt the industry and become a market leader.” Fabrice Lacroix CEO @Antidot

“Attacking the U.S. market seemed like an impossible challenge, but thanks to ubi i/o we now feel perfectly at ease with it. We are now entirely ready for the U.S. market and feel extremely confident in our capabilities. We developed our local network and built a reputation for ourselves. Thanks to the Proof of Concept we started and to ubi i/o, we now know exactly what our company is worth to the U.S market. In addition, we identified the key partners to give us feedback to improve our products. It is tremendously impressive how in the United States when people believe in your product, they are willing to help you without expecting anything in return. When envisioning our future in the United States, we plan on becoming the leader in commercial email, newsletter and un-subscription management for the entire email security industry.”- Adrien Gendre, Head of Product Management @Vade Retro Technology

“Before, we thought of ourselves as a French company, now we are international. By the end of ubi i/o, we realized that our potential and role wasn’t just limited to France, so we decided to take advantage of that opportunity. At the end of the program, the way we thought about our global strategy had been completely altered. Our global expansion and more specifically on the U.S. market is now our main priority. Our future? Become number one in the USA in skins and alien pack advertising and turning the U.S. into our primary market within the next two years.”  – Jean-Marc Pericone, CEO & Co-Founder @Sublime Skinz

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