Impact : How did your business benefit from your participation in Impact?

The most important benefit was signing a partnership deal with OOYALA; two weeks ago, we trained 50 of their sales reps to distribute our solution to their thousands of clients.

Impact : What did you enjoy most about the program ?

The lunch workshops were really insightful and well put together, our dedicated Trade Advisor was also always available.

Impact : How has your company evolved during and after Impact?

We quadrupled our recurring monthly revenue between April and September. The launching of the freemium version (put into place for Impact) allowed us to get to the next level in terms of user growth.

Impact : What does the company’s future in the U.S. look like?

The horizon looks promising! We have a U.S. office managed by Fabrice Jaeger who’s coordinating all our American operations. We should be signing deals with a very large chain and a big telecom service company before the year ends. Partnership talks are in progress. To be continued!

Impact : Any tips for the future participants to Impact?

Be ready and make sure to establish a strategy so you can focus on deploying your solution in the U.S.

Make sure that the presence of C-Levels in the U.S. doesn’t hinder your operations in France.


Founders : Jacques CazinFounded : 2013Location : Paris