Impact : Could you describe the dunamic/state of your startup as it was before applying to Impact? is a SensioLabs business. As the creator of the Symfony PHP framework, we were quite dynamic on the Open Source market, as well as the services around, mainly in Europe. But we needed to reach out to the enterprise market in the US.\

Impact : How does it compare today?

Today we’ve signed multiple American clients and partners, including some of the Fortune 500 top 10. We’re also deeply involved in the eCommerce ecosystem, for instance via our partnership with Magento. Our unique way of handling performance management enable us to partner with all other actors on the market.

I moved to San Francisco with my family, and we hired 3 more employees, including a Managing Director North America, to develop further the business and partnerships.

Impact : How much of that change would you say has happen thanks to Impact? What points in particular ?

Impact was a catalyst for Blackfire to position its value proposition and pitch it. The work done on that during the program was a milestone in our path towards building our unique offering on the performance management market.

Impact : If you had to give just one reason why participating in Impact was the right decision, what would it be?

We gained a considerable amount of time in 2 months, with the help of local experts who helped us on all necessary fronts to properly approach the U.S. market.

Impact : What did you enjoy most about the program ?

Pitching was definitely a plus, and all the work around the communication and presentation of our value proposition.

Impact : Any tips for the future participants to Impact?

Don’t hesitate to send multiple team members if possible, and plan on communicating regularly with your teams back in France.

Impact : Are you still in touch with the Impact 15’ alumni? And the 16 alumni?

We’re in regular contact with other alumni, for business and networking purposes as well as friendship.



Founders : Fabien PotencierFounded : 2014Location : San Francisco