C-Radar helps marketing and sales teams of B2B company to analyze their market and to sell more. It allows them to analyse their market, their competition, their installed base. It allows them to identify new prospect, to score them and to follow them. For each company, it provides a synthetic description.

C-Radar consists of 2 layers: a data layer, resulting of a massive and automated collection of data about enterprises, an application layer, to answer the needs of marketing and sales through the use of data science (search, clustering, machine learning and scoring).

The product come in 2 versions: a freemium version at $100/month aimed at individual sales people and a more complete version for teams of sales or marketing people with a price from $5000 to $20,000 per year.

Current customers and users range from SMEs to Fortune 5000 companies. All these customers observe measurable gains in theire sales process from the use of the product (increased conversion ratio, new customers, etc.)

The company has about 15 employees, including a strong team of data scientists who develop and maintain the product.


Founders : Francois BancilhonFounded : 2014Location : New York