Impact: How did your business benefit from your participation in Impact?

We stayed in touch with a grand majority of the people we connected with on various subjects. Some to accompany us in our development and establishing our U.S. operations, others in regards to future collaborations once we’re ready to execute.

Impact: If you had to give one reason why participating in Impact was the right decision, what would it be?

It’s a great introduction of the startup ecosystem and the American culture that is really specific in that field. This understanding of the ecosystem is essential to grow, find partners, investors and build your network, especially with the ambition to develop in the U.S. in a sustainable way.

Impact : What did you enjoy most about the program ?

The wealth and the diversity of the various topics brought up throughout the accelerator, but the part on which improvement was the most dazzling was the famous “pitch”. It’s the first topic we work on, with consultants who helped us structure our messaging and communicate our project (I’d like to thank again Page Aloo for her precious help). It’s probably the most structural segment of the entire program.

Without too much exaggeration, I think we all went from a 20 PowerPoint slide presentations that we imagine presenting timidly for an hour, to a stand up dynamic and impactful pitch of 3 minutes and 5 PowerPoint slides, able of competing with American who often times excel in this practice. The non-stop sequence of pitching competitions / events were really beneficial in all perspectives, whether it was feedback from the various panels, connections made or the amount of interests sparked throughout these events.

Impact : How has your company evolved during and after Impact?

We are growing at a fast pace, and we’re ready to start the final production of our cameras as we’re launching by the end of the year. We keep on developing the French based structure and just opened up our U.S. office to welcome this month our first American employees.

Impact : What does the company’s future in the US look like?

The end of the year approaching,  the next CES and the opening of our office staples for us the official launch of our business in the U.S. We are therefore establishing ourselves in San Francisco to be nearby our partners and our clients ( today, 45% of our clients are Americans). Our French office at Euratechnologies in Lille obviously represents till this day a grand majority of our employees (27 people), but we’re estimating that 3-5 new people will compose the American team by the end of the year. It’s just the beginning of our adventure!

Impact Any tips for the future participants to Impact?

Be open and receptive, curiously enough – when you arrive from France – everyone here is sincerely ready to hear you out and help you (starting with the extraordinary Impact team 😉 ). Americans are really accessible, regardless of their titles / positions, and their feedback is always constructive. Be careful with visa issues, a ESTA will suffice for the length of the program, but plan ahead and learn all the necessary steps to establish yourself in the U.S. if you plan on staying there. The procedures take time and energy, which you will need for the program alongside the pitching sessions, networking events and the rare but memorable karaoke nights with the team.



Founders : Richard OllierFounded : 2008Location : San Francisco