Impact : How did your business benefit from your participation in Impact?

Impact was definitely an accelerator to establish ourselves in the United States: recruiting of American talents to build our marketing and sales teams, getting connected with local partners who can lead us to a true business relationships.

Impact : If you had to give just one reason why participating in Impact was the right decision, what would it be?

It’s an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in America’s business culture and boost your operations.

Impact : What did you enjoy most about the program ?

We particularly appreciated the meetings throughout the Impact program, with mentors, local actors and people from all sorts of backgrounds.  This allowed us to sincerely challenge our project, from its presentation to its amelioration and solidifying various relationships.

Impact : How has your company evolved during and after Impact?

We are now established in the U.S, we have 3 American employees and we’re well on our way to obtaining our visas for our 3 French employees. Our company is truly developing in the United States, which stays our primary market and is therefore key for our overall growth.

Impact : What does the company’s future in the U.S. look like?

Looking ahead, more than 50% of our clients are based in the United State or in Canada. Our development strategy is therefore based through a strong presence in the U.S. in terms of marketing and business development.

Impact : Any tips for the future participants to Impact?

Dedicate time & immerse yourself throughout the program !



Founders : Antoine LevelFounded : 2014Location : San Francisco