Impact : What have been the most memorable moments of your U.S. development since your were selected to Impact 2014?

Impact accelerated our focus on the U.S. market, which materialized both via purely commercial means and by helping us map, understand, and meet our competitive universe.  In our sector (AdTech), knowing the competitive and potential partner universe at its highest hierarchical levels is vitally important.  Impact allowed us to initiate key contacts, immerse ourselves in the ecosystem, and meet potential partners and investors.

Halfway through the summer of 2014, we closed a round of fundraising in France and started partnership talks with U.S.-based actors that we met and got to know better thanks to Impact.

Impact : If you had to give just one reason why participating in Impact was the right decision, what would it be?

Impact gave us an incredible opportunity in helping us concretely confront the realities of the U.S. market in our domain.  The program helped us find the optimal contact points within a short timeframe.  Without Impact, we could not have accomplished as much as fast.

Impact : What did you enjoy most about the program ?

The pitch coaching sessions led by Laura Elmore were very effective in preparing a real pitch, adaptable to all types of audiences.  The coaching provided us with a template, strategy, and method that we still rely on today in readapting our pitch for a variety of presentation styles and audiences.

Impact : Any advice for the next class of participants?

Prepare very well in advance what you are seeking in the U.S.  Have clear objectives prior to even arriving in the U.S.


Founders : Stephane DarracqFounded : 2009Location : Paris