Impact: Where was your company before Impact 2014 ?

Company was 2,5 years old, approximately 20 employees with no presence in the US and outside of France. We had raised $2.5m.

Impact: Where is it today?

Company is 4 years old, approximately 80 employees, revenues grew by 400%, we have an office with 10 people in Boston, other in London and Munich. We raised another Series B of $20M.

Impact: How did Impact influence it? What have been the critical points of your success during and after the program ?

Impact was very helpful to accelerate our decision to enter the US market but it was essentially helpful in the way that it helped us understand all that needed to be done to efficiently enter the US market. Raising a new round of funding was clearly an outcome of this process.

Impact : What have been the most memorable stages of your development since your were selected to the 2014  edition of Impact?

We created our U.S. subsidiary in July and hired our U.S. Director on September 8th.  During Impact, Laura Elmore, the communication strategy coach during the program, completely reformatted our pitch, and that’s what we still use to this day. We used this pitch strategy when we participated in the French Touch Conference Competition in New York, where we won first place.

Impact : If you had to give just one reason why participating in Impact was the right decision, what would it be?

Impact forced us to make a move.  In the past, we kept on talking about the U.S., but our participation in Impact forced us to make a decision.  Although we already knew the person we recruited for the U.S. prior to Impact, without the program we would not have been able to decide that it’s the right person.

Impact : What did you enjoy most about the program ?

The coaching sessions with Laura Elmore were extremely interesting.  The sessions put it all into perspective by presenting a way of questioning oneself, and by making us aware of the type of challenge the U.S. market really represents.  Also, on a side note, the lunchtime sandwiches were good, and the Impact team was a lot of fun.

Impact : Any advice for the next class of participants?

Use Impact at the moment when you set up in the U.S. as a program to start operations rather than a program to test the market. If you want to take real advantage of the program, you really have to be there for 10 weeks and make a commitment to stay afterwards.  When you go, you should go with the mindset «I am here and here I will remain», and not I am there to feel out the market.

Impact : What are your next steps?

Continue to grow :)


Founders : Adrien NussenbaumFounded : 2011Location : Boston