Impact : Describe Impact in 3 words

Intensive, Instructive and amazing.

Impact : What are the memorable steps you’ve crossed since you’ve been selected to the program?

The closing night of the program was quite memorable, after pitching for the last time; I realized how far we’ve come since the beginning of impact.

Impact : Which part of the program has been the most helpful for you?

Pitching isn’t something we often do in France, whereas in the U.S. it’s very common. Learning how to explain and present your company and product in 2-3mn is very interesting.

Impact : What is your best memory of the program?

My best memory has to be the first time we participated in a pitching competition. Although very difficult, we had the chance to go on stage and present our product to American VCs.

Impact : How has Impact changed you company?

There was an OpenIO before Impact, and there’s an OpenIO after Impact. We’ve now structured the company to be fully operational in the U.S., we weren’t aware of all we needed to do to get to this point.

Impact : What are the next steps for your company?

Two main steps: raise funds with American VCs and then open up an office in the U.S.

Impact : Impact : Any advice for the class of 2017?

Don’t do the program by yourself, as it is too intense for one person. Enjoy the moment as Impact is a crazy experience and last but not least, try to avoid handling operations back in France and focus on all that you can learn while in the U.S.


Founders : Laurent DenelFounded : 2015Location : San Francisco