Sublime Skinz


Impact: Where was your company before Impact 2014 ? How many employees? Revenues? Presence in the US and in the World? Fund raised?

$1.5M in 2013 – 11 employees – no international presence.

Impact: Where is it today?

$9M in 2015 – 55 employees – offices in Paris, London, NYC and San Francisco.

Impact: How did Impact influence it? What have been the critical points of your success during and after the program ?

Without Impact, we would probably have never moved to the US. Thanks to Impact, we understood that we weren’t “just” a french company, that we were a global player, and that there was a place for us in the US Market (which is 40% of the global Market). We met partners, clients, and even employees, and we created our US subsidiary after weeks weeks, during the programm.

Impact : What have been the most memorable moments of your U.S. development since your were selected to Impact 2014?

Being selected was in itself great news.  Then, the Impact training and preparation period was intense and the first week following our arrival in SF was a complete shock – a lot of information to assimilate, and at a very fast pace. Absolutely impressive!

SV Launch was one of the events during Impact that most marked us: intense preparation was paid off with an award that has been very valuable upon our return to France.

By the end of June, we already successfully created our U.S. entity and recruited our first American employee, which is quite an achievement!

Impact : What did you enjoy most about the program ?

This program’s greatest value lies in its interpersonal connections, internally with the Impact team at Business France as well as externally with Silicon Valley’s ecosystem.

Impact : What are your next steps?

Keep on Sublimin’ !


Founders : Jean-Marc PericoneFounded : 2012Location : San Francisco