Cosmo Company


Impact: Where was your company before Impact 2014 ?

Before Impact 2014 we had 25 employees based in Lyon and had just closed a series B fundraising of 3.8 M€.

Impact: Where is it today?

We are now more than 50 employees and have offices both in Lyon and San Francisco (3 people). We also have more than doubled our revenues. We have released a first systemic application dedicated to the optimization of maintenance and investment strategies for large networks that we are distributing to large utilities in Europe and North America.

Impact: How did Impact influence it? What have been the critical points of your success during and after the program ?

Impact helped us to accelerate our understanding of the North-American market and rules. It also enabled us to discover the best practices of the software industry in terms of strategy, and apply them back in France.

Impact: What have been the most memorable moments of your U.S. development since your were selected to Impact 2014?

Working on our pitch with Laura Elmore was tremendously beneficial, it was a fundamental work on CoSMo’s entire offer.

Impact : If you had to give just one reason why participating in Impact was the right decision, what would it be?

The immersion into the American market & its ecosystem. Within the first few days of starting the Impact program, we were exposed to a great number of reality checks whether it was working on our positioning, pitching or business development. This experience brought us tremendous value.

Impact : What did you enjoy most about the program ?

Laura’s coaching was an exceptional component.

Impact : What are your next steps?

We are going to accelerate the deployment of our first application in multiple domains, structure and reinforce our US team and finally launch a series B fundraising.

Impact : Any advice for the next class of participants?

Come with an innovation on shelf.

It’s important to experience the program with at least one person involved in it throughout its entirety.


Founders : Michel MorvanFounded : 2010Location : San Francisco