We all know that SALES is the key challenge for any company. Personal relationship between sellers & buyers has been replaced by anonymous emails & phone calls. Your sales process has to be super-efficient to catch prospects’ attention. The fact is that today follow-ups are inefficient and a nightmare for Sales! They spend an average of 24min a day on the phone for nothing!

With our unique Machine Learning algorithm, we remove the random to help you focus on the right prospect, at the right time. We analyze the reading behavior of your prospect, predict the closure & automate your follow-up. Orange is using Tilkee for 1 year & their sales could raise their closing rate by up to 20%!

Over the past 2 years, more than 150K proposal were sent using Tilkee. With this data, we developed a Machine Learning algorithm: “Preditilk”, that can predict and optimize your follow-ups.

We have +1000 customers, a 20K€ MRR and will be “break event” by the end of the year. We are now focusing on mid-size companies spending over 100K$/year on Sales Stack (lead generation/marketing automation/CRM).

The story begun 2 years and a half ago, everything has been made possible thanks to our wonderful team of motivated “Tilkers” & the million € we raised last summer from french VCs & BPI.


Founders : Sylvain TillonFounded : 2013Location : Paris