CES 2017 speaks French more than ever before

Remember La French Tech at CES 2016? A fleet of 210 companies took over Las Vegas, which represented the 2nd biggest delegation in the world with 185 startups.

With these types of numbers, you’d think it would be hard for the French to outdo themselves. Think again. This year, the French delegation was composed of no less than 222 companies – simply unmissable.

Above all, CES 2017 epitomized more than ever before the blooming French startup ecosystem. With 172 French startups present at Eureka Park, the area dedicated to startups, the red rooster represented 36% of all companies.  An impressive increase of 160% compared to 2015. Its official, for the first time ever, La French Tech was the first startup delegation at this year’s CES.

French Tech Pavilion By Business France

At the heart of Eureka Park, Business France organized the French Tech Pavilion for the 4th consecutive year, where 28 startups were selected for their innovative products and their U.S. market potential.

Here are a few examples of Business France’s selection:

Bibelib Paris, a connected suitcase cover that protects, personalizes and insures your luggage throughout your travels. Energy Square which developed a new generation of wireless chargers that will let you charge multiple devices simultaneously.  LEKA, is an interactive smart toy set on changing the way children with Autism & other developmental disabilities learn, play & progress. Gaspard is an active solution for skin pressure ulcer prevention that can be used by people in wheelchairs. Other innovative startups were present such as Rool’in the first solar powered wheel, Wize & ope, a new generation of sneakers and Fenotek which presented a connected video doorbell designed to welcome your guests and protect your home. On their end  Smart & Blue created smart and enlightened showerheads that make it easy to save water & money and Uzer, the first smart trashcan that makes home recycling a fun, rewarding, and convenient routine.

Impact Alumni ahead of the pack

Sevenhugs – our 2016 alumni which raised $14.6 million to accelerate their U.S. expansion  and product development presented the Smart Remote, which has the “potential to radically change how devices are controlled in the home” according to TechCrunch. The device was one of the biggest highlight for La French Tech as it won three CES awards including Best of innovation CES awards including Best of innovation award.

2015 alumni Giroptic, which secured a $4.5M seed round led by Partech Ventures, was also there to display their newest product: the GiropticIOan add-on camera that turns your iPhone into a 360° camera.

Also member of the 2015 fleet, Tellmeplus a platform for predictive and prescriptive analytics came to CES with the intention to become a worldwide reference on predictive intelligence after raising an impressive $4.7 million round back in February of 2016.


Last but not least, Famaco was also exhibiting at CES 2017. The startup came to promote its powerful Android transactional devices and remote management platform
which provides a very flexible and efficient way to manage high volumes of devices and transactions at an affordable price.


5 promising French startups to keep an eye on after CES


Here’s our selection of promising startups that will definitely make noise in 2017.

plume labsPlume Labs presented FLOW at CES, the first smart, connected, mobile accessory to understand, monitor and help you reduce your exposure to air pollution– indoors, outdoors and on the go. This tracker met with great success as pollution peaks are more and more important.


FeetMe’s invention was part of the must-see products at CES. The startup developed a device that gives you feedback on your stride power and pace, and makes recommendations on how you can improve them. It promises to be a personal running coach.




Tempow just redesigned the protocol to allow multiple Bluetooth devices to connect to a single source. Vincent NallatambyCEO was highly solicited throughout the conference, to the point of receiving a call at 6 a.m from a potential Chinese partner who didn’t want to miss the chance to chat before hopping on his flight. 



my jomo logo

Keep a tab on the badge created by Myjomo. This connected badge, customizable in real time, promises to increase by 5 times your visual attractiveness during events and shows.




Xooloo received the Best Innovation Award for Xooloo Digital Coach, a coach that helps children develop responsible usage of their connected devices (Smartphone, Tablette, Pc, Mac). The App allows them to have an overall view in real time of how they use their Apps and devices. They can compare to other children of the same age and take good decisions regarding their digital habits.


This year again, the executives promoted French companies at the CES


“At last year’s CES, La French Tech was the big surprise. This year, we’ve taken the lead. The momentum behind our growth in this sector is unprecedented, and we have truly established France as one of the tech giants of the world”

– maintained French Deputy Minister for Innovation and Digital Affairs Axelle Lemaire.

The companies who were part of La French Tech but also those who came on their own were all supported by French executives such as Michel Sapin. The French Tech – an initiative launched by Fleur Pellerin in 2014 has had the support of many French political figures who play a key role in attracting the media around French startups.

It seems like CES 2017 confirmed what John Chambers,CEO of Cisco, declared in 2015:



“ French is the next big thing”


by Pauline Garcin.

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