ubi i/o 2016: Day Four



Today was our first day at Galvanize, our San Francisco coworking space for ubi i/o 2016. This morning, we invited one of the most successful French entrepreneur in the U.S. to discuss best organizational practices.

Nicolas Dessaigne, CEO of Algolia, advised ubi i/o entrepreneurs to have at least one of the co-founders move to the U.S. and have another one manage teams back in France. Although this geographical separation makes communication processes a bit tough, it’s the best way for any French startup to set up their international development.

One very interesting insight during this breakfast was about culture. When expanding your business overseas, it’s crucial to synchronize not only your company’s core values but also your culture to new U.S. employees. For Nicolas, ‘the goal is to have one single company despite the distance’. Culture is pivotal in creating cohesiveness and key to your startup’s success.




Our legal partner Orrick was up next both in San Francisco & New York City for our intellectual property protection workshop. Our participants had different concerns given the diversity of their startups. Case specific topics like open source platforms were discussed to assess the questions from participants like OpenIO. Subject matters such as copyrights and NDAs were also examined as these are day to day matters for most CEOs.


In New York, Colton Carothers, Attorney at Orrick, and Rich Martinelli, Partner at Orrick, detailed the scope of available protections for entrepreneurs such as trademark law, trade dress, copyright, patents and trade secrets. They proceeded by explaining how to properly execute one’s IP strategy to avoid any potential future complications. Legal liabilities matter very much when building a startup, the last thing you want to deal with as an entrepreneur is a legal battle over the products or services you’re providing as these can cost a pretty penny.



In San Francisco, the rest of the day was dedicated to more pitch training. Our startups went out to the Runway incubator to gather feedback from some of Pitchforce’s panel members. Don’t miss the opportunity to come out & meet with our startups, our first public pitching event will occur on Thursday April 28th! (you can register here to attend)      

Jumping back and forth between Runway and Galvanize, founders also had the opportunity to meet with Isabelle Marcus, Founder & CEO of Colombus Consulting, our immigration law partner. Having the proper paperwork to move to the U.S. can take time, and there’s nothing better than having an expert on your side to assess the best strategies.

In New York, our pitching coach Jillian gave her last tips and advice before the VIP Opening Night that occurred on Thursday April 21st. They are now prepped up & ready to present their startups in 4 minutes to our selected VIP guests. More to come in our next blog post!

IMG_6740C-Radar pitching


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