ubi i/o 2016: Day One

It’s 8am on a beautiful Sunday morning in San Francisco, while the city is asleep, a small group of entrepreneurs are making their way towards ubi i/o’s HQ. Slowly, the office fills up with the 10 startups selected for our 2016 edition, embarking on a 10 week journey that will most certainly change the trajectory of their business forever.

Coffee & croissants are the perfect way to break the ice. “So have you finally found a place to stay?” someone asked François Fillette, VP of International Development of Codingame. “Well, yes, finally! We are in a house with OpenIO’s team”. Throughout the 10 weeks, participants become a cohesive group where mutual assistance is the mantra. Beyond helping our entrepreneurs individually, we thrive to create fellowship among teams.   It’s now 9.30am and it’s time to start individual pitching coaching sessions with Laura Elmore. This exercise aims to sharpen our CEO’s presentations & delivery they will be giving every single week, whether in front of our network of partners & mentors or panels of venture capitalists & angels. ubi i/o startups are not early stage anymore, most of them are way passed their seed or series A, and getting back to the basics of pitching isn’t always the easiest exercise, especially when delivering your pitch in english.  

In 45 minute sessions, Laura is reviewing, advising and challenging every entrepreneur’s pitch deck to help them deliver their best presentation. Fine tuning is a never ending process, and they will be put up to the test tomorrow night Tuesday April 19th at the VIP Opening Night.

Because we’re crazy enough to start our 10-week accelerator on a Sunday, we don’t forget to relax a bit in between two coaching sessions. What’s better than grabbing lunch on a sunny afternoon at a local San Francisco park?


After a long & productive Sunday, we decided to wrap up the evening with a couple of drinks near our campus. Still jet lagged & restless, our entrepreneurs must catch some shut eye in order to be ready for an eventful week ahead.


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