Discussion with Pradeo: “We gained at least 8 months in our development”

We’ve been talking a lot over the past few weeks about our program, and we thought it was time to let our best ambassadors share their insights on ubi i/o: our very own entrepreneurs!

Today is Stéphane Saad‘s turn. Stéphane is the Chief Strategic Alliances Officer at Pradeo and he came to talk to us about his first weeks as part of the program.

‘‘I already knew Silicon Valley before ubi i/o, and I’ve been working with a few partners in the Bay Area for quite some time but thanks to the program, we met way more potential partners than we bargained for, and we even received a few offers from VCs that are interested in investing in our next funding round!’’

‘‘That being said, all of this comes with hard work. In Silicon Valley, you work more than in France because you deal with a lot more opportunities! You manage a lot of accounts, sales cycles are shorter, and everything is fast-paced! For instance, we are about to sign an opportunity we identified only two months ago, whereas it would have taken us more than a year in France!’’

‘‘There are different ways to turn challenges into opportunities, one of them is practicing on your pitchPitching is essential and relevant to drive your startup to success. We’ve achieved that outcome in Silicon Valley with many potential partners and VCs, and more surprisingly, with French companies we had never met in France! Pitching is a whole new ball game for me but I clearly accomplished it with the help of Business France’s Trade Advising team as well as with the coaching sessions given by Page Alloo and Laura Elmore.’’

‘‘In addition, one of the important key factor of our success is Gartner, who recognized us as the most visionary company in our market and introduced us to various important companies in our field. If I had one advice to give to French entrepreneurs, it would be ubi i/o! ubi i/o is a very important program for Pradeo as we realize an exponential gain of at least 6 to 8 months in our development in just 10 weeks!’’

‘‘Last but not least, living in the city of San Francisco, or even living around the Bay Area, is a privilege. People here are very kind and open to conversations and giving you advice that makes this city worthwhile especially if you’re foreigner!”

We’d like to thank Stéphane for his time and for sharing his impressions on the program. Stay tuned, more interviews are coming!

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