Ten weeks before your arrival and throughout the entire program, you will receive comprehensive and personalized one-on-one coaching sessions in marketing, strategic positioning, pitching and storytelling.

How to become known without spending millions on marketing: meaning you have to focus primarily on the client’s perception of the product. Adrien Gendre, COO @ Vade Retro

We now have a stand up dynamic and impactful pitch of 3 minutes and 5 Power Point slides, able of competing with Americans who oftentimes excel in this practice.” Richard Ollier, Co-Founder and CEO @ Giroptic

Working on our pitch with Laura Elmore was tremendously beneficial, it was a fundamental work on CoSMo’s entire offer. Michel Morvan, Co-Founder and CEO @ The Cosmo Companyi

Impact helped me find the right way to craft and setup the message around our product. Frederic Desmoulin, Co-Founder and CEO @ Codingame