How is Impact USA different from any other acceleration program?

  • Impact works exclusively with French tech companies. More precisely, our program is dedicated to the ones that are launching in the U.S.
  • What we accelerate: their market entry process. The first 12 months are so critical that we’ve designed a specific program to tackle that.
  • Unlike typical accelerators, we select companies that already have a working/proven product and that can show a track record or demonstrate some market traction.
  • Unlike most accelerators, we don’t take any equity in participating companies.

Last but not least, Impact is the only program dedicating to its portfolio companies an in-house business development team, helping you to generate business leads and finetune commercial pipeline. The reason we do it: market feedback is extremely valuable when building a go-to-market strategy. And by the way, more than 200 sales contracts have been signed by our alumni throughout the first two editions of Impact…