Which of my team members should participate in the program?

Presence of a member of the executive team is a must: most often the CEO, but it can also be a co-founder – if his/her position in the company is directly linked to the execution of your strategy for the  U.S., or if he/she is in charge of U.S. expansion. In the latter, it is important that that person be able to clearly present your offer in English, and be involved in the decision making process so he/she can be as responsive as possible when dealing with U.S. counterparts.

It is not only possible but even useful to have several members of your team participate during the program. However space per company is limited to two members (you will only be granted one workspace, which typically seats two people). In the past, several participants  chose to set up a turnover of their team throughout the duration of the program. It can be a great idea if you manage to provide all of the people involved with the same level of information relating to the meetings that were organized  and future strategic decisions.