What does Impact USA do precisely?

Impact allows you to accomplish in 3 months what would normally take you more than a year when launching in the U.S.. Our acceleration program, unique of its kind, tackles four challenges that most companies face during their market entry:

  • Adopting a marketing strategy tailored to the American market: 10 weeks before your arrival, we’ll help you build an action plan that we’ll execute throughout the program and beyond.
    You will receive personalized coaching specifically tailored to your marketing (offering, positioning, pitching and storytelling) with experts who’ve helped many of today’s well known tech leaders (Apple, Adobe Systems, Cisco Systems, Dell Computers, etc).
    We will choose the appropriate experts in our lineup of 70+ mentors to help address the most critical issues for your development: growth strategy, fundraising, product development, legal and fiscal strategies, resource management, etc.
  • Becoming a well-known player within your local ecosystem: Impact brings together a network of some of the most influential members of the tech community, both in New York and San Francisco. Every week you will be featured at highly visible pitching and networking events.
  • Engaging in and closing new business deals: Depending on your specific needs, we will define together the most appropriate strategy to build and grow your commercial pipeline in America. We will then build together a tailor-made program of meetings with potential clients and/or strategic partners. Since 2014, more than 200 U.S. sales deals have been secured, thanks to the leads generated by Impact.
  • Facilitating the setup of your local operations: First, we give you access to a workspace strategically located in the heart of the local ecosystem, as well as $100,000 worth of resources  in cloud computing, storage credits, airplane tickets, etc.