France at SXSW 2016

For the 3rd consecutive year, Business France is proud to organize the French Tech Pavilion at the 2016 SXSW, in partnership with Orange, Imaginov, Maddyness and La French Tech. The event will take place from March 13th through the 16th in Austin Texas.

The South by Southwest Conference offers the unique convergence of original music, independent films, and emerging technologies. It’s a great opportunity for the French Tech to showcase French creativity in the “Southby” spirit.

This year, 14 startups among the hottest tech companies hailing from France have been selected to present their disruptive innovations. Here is the list:



Prynt is the first ever instant camera case for smartphones. Just plug in your device, take a picture, and voila: get a beautiful photo in your hands within seconds. The case is simple — no ink, wifi or bluetooth — and is compatible with iOS and Android phones. Moreover, when you take a photo with Prynt, our app embeds a video inside of it, giving you a creative new way to tell your story. Hold your phone over any printed picture and watch it come to life in augmented reality on screen!



Klaxoon is a collection of great ideas that facilitates interactivity within a group. Based on your content, you can propose simple, playful and effective activities : quizzes, surveys, challenges, brainstorming activities, live messaging either for training, conferencing and meetings. Our solution is 100% interactive. Let your participants connect from their smartphone, tablet or computer without installing anything. If you use our box, you and other participants can connect in total autonomy without the need of an internet connection.


WB Technologies invents and develops innovative solutions for a new beauty.
 A connected beauty™. Our product, Mapo, is a connected beauty mask that allows you to better measure the hydratation of your facial skin.


Never deal with shipping again, let us obsess over it for you. Let a wynd specialist do it instead while you focus on your business. You  can focus on saving time while we’ll pick it up, pack it, and get it exactly where you want it to go.

Our team of experienced, knowledgeable specialists works directly with you to make your shipping cheaper, easier and  beautiful.



Fretbay is the first European company that allows you to buy and sell transportation services while saving up to 75%. Our grouping system helps transportation companies avoid having empty trucks on the road.Thanks to a reversed auction system, we help connect all transportation demands with transportation professionals. This service is free and secure and does not require to sign up over a long period of time. We already have thousands of transportation companies using our platform. With Fretbay, transportation is reliable, cheap and ecological.


Launched in 2010, Vodkaster is a 1M UV french social network dedicated to movies & TV shows. After a few months in a beta version, Vodkaster launched in may 2015 a disruptive VoD-like platform based on the DVD marketplace, with a revolutionary remote playback option. Basically, we offer:
The biggest choice (10.000+ movies!), the cheapest prices, thanks to (2nd hand market), A 1-click option to resell any DVD on the marketplace. All DVDs are physically stored in Vodkaster’s warehouse, put in the personal digital lockers of their owners, who can then stream them with all interactive menus, subtitles, bonuses, chaptering & multilingual options.This offers a genuine experience of DVD, on PC, TV, tablets and smartphone iOS & Android. Additionally, Vodkaster offers a 100% free disc-to-digital service, which allows anyone to send their DVD collection to put it in the cloud.


Bonjour is the new custom alarm clock that tracks your environment and schedule, adjusting your wake up time to match your requirements. Whatever the event, Bonjour anticipates for you and wakes you up when you need to. No more traffic delays, missed surf sessions, or forgotten appointments: Bonjour’s got your back ! It is a voice command alarm clock connected to your home automation system. It talks to your connected thermostat to set the ideal temperature for each room, warns you if an intrusion is detected by your smart security system and manages your home lighting at the right time.



Wizeandope designs shoes that integrate LEDs who’s color you can chose to make sure they always match your clothes. We are backed and supported by Lil’ Wayne.


Reminiz is creating the future of television with smarter recommendation and monetization solutions.

Using state-of-the-art and proprietary face recognition technology, we recognize any celebrity (actors, singers, politicians, columnists, athletes). In a single tap, users can access all the information related to the celebrity, such as biography, filmography, news and social networks. It works on any device, both online and offline. More than informations, Reminiz unveils content monetization and recommendation by linking celebrities to their VoD, derivative products and services. Depending on the celebrity identified, users can decide to purchase their movies, songs, concert tickets or books.



Afrostream (Y Combinator) is Netflix for African and African-American content serving the European and African market. The service will launch in September in the French speaking countries of Europe: France & Belgium and in 2 African countries: Senegal and Ivory Coast. Afrostream targets the 15M people of African descent in Europe and 936M Africans in sub-Saharan Africa.



Lucie Labs  is a EU-based HW startup that focuses on developing technologies/products within the IoT (Internet of Things) arena. Our mission is to reinvent how you experience and interact with lighting.


Qwant is a search engine who’s philosophy relies on 2 principals: we don’t track our users and we don’t filter the internet. We do our best to respect the privacy of our visitors while guaranteeing a secured environment with relevant results.



With Hydrao, you learn how to limit your water usage, thanks to a smart Showerhead with built-in colored lights. It is simple, educational and ecological. No batteries are required as Hydrao takes its power from the water output.


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