France at the 2015 Web Summit

Following a stunning 2014 edition, Business France will once again bring 18 French startups to the 2015 Dublin Web Summit.

Since its launch in 2010, the Web Summit has become Europe’s largest Tech gathering. Occurring November 3rd – 5th,  this event is expected to welcome more than 35,000 attendees including startups, investors, media outlets and entrepreneurs from 110+ countries from around the globe.

Business France couldn’t miss the opportunity to showcase France’s hottest Tech startups. That’s why we’re thrilled to present you the 2015 Web Summit French Pavilion: 18 hand-picked startups, a French Tech Night, a press conference and a lot more to come!

The happy nominees you’ll be able to meet are:



ADWAYS has developed an amazing online platform to make video interactive on any devices. Digital players in the e-commerce, e-learning, advertising or corporate communication fields use this technology to better share information, engage with their audience and generate revenues. The average click rate of our editorial interactive videos goes up to 25%! With ADWAYS you will be able to provide the right information to the right person at the right time. Meet us at our booth to create your own interactive video within minutes!

   agorapulse horizontal HD

Agora Pulse turns your anonymous social media audience into qualified prospects for sales and marketing and makes Social Media management easier, faster and painless. It has built the technical infrastructure required to sync, store and render user-centric data across social platforms.


Allowing passionate people to get together anytime they want.
Beloola is a social webVR platform enabling users to share their passions with others in real-time. 
Beloola allows anyone, any brand or any company, to create a unique 3D space.


Botify crawls its customers’ websites to increase their traffic and revenue, using accurate, reliable and up-to-date data.


Smart Wifi is a hotspot Wifi solution for retail stores and restaurants to boost in-store sales, collect customer data and measure store traffic :
Store analytics : Smart Wifi delivers key analytics such as foot-traffic, visit frequency and average time spent in store
Facebook Connect : customers connect to the store’s Wifi using their Facebook credentials, providing retailers with actionable customer profiles
Mobile couponing : Smart Wifi analyses each customer’s profile and send a personalised deal on his/her smartphone

logo Dreamquark

DreamQuark develops innovative data-analysis software and deep-learning based applications to optimise prevention and diagnostics in the healthcare and insurance sectors.

Giroptic logo

The 360 Cam by GIROPTIC is the world’s first full HD 360 degree camera designed to see the world “Up, Down and All Around.” The palm-sized, waterproof 360 Cam records videos, takes still photos and streams real-time video over Wi-Fi from every angle. The light bulb adaptor allows the camera to be used as a smart home accessory and provides users with a home surveillance system.


Idosens is marketing objects around the innovative “extended home” concept. Think of all the sensors and objects you want to connect outside of the Wifi reach! Want to monitor Cellar door located 6 storey below? Garage door, pool temperature, BBQ gas level or simply your cottage is not DSL equipped? Idosens with its unique technology connects battery operated sensors back to the web and keeps you on the move via an elegant web app.


Lydia is the universal mobile payment application. Since July 2013 it provides a secure and seamless way to pay your friends, in stores and online. Lydia is the leading French mobile payment solution among the Millennials with more than 150,000 users. Lydia is one of the Wired 100 Hottest European Startups 2015.

                 Q logo 2

Qwant is a European search engine launched in July 2013 that respects your privacy and offers a new and larger vision of the web through its five columns (web, news, social, shopping, media).
Qwant does not track its users nor create user profiles.
In December 2014 they announced Qwant Junior the first secured search engine for children from 5 to 13 years old without tracking, incongruous contents and ads.


Reputation VIP controls your online reputation through its product, The Digital Fortress. This solution allows users to regain control over their Google results page through a dashboard entirely dedicated to their online reputation. Today, it is the only technology capable of adapting to the numerous changes in Google’s algorithms.


Salezeo reinvents Lead Generation with Big Data. 
By combining Europe’s biggest B2B collaborative database with a unique technology to identify website visitors, Salezeo allows companies to identify priority prospects with accuracy.
Sales Managers will continuously get highly qualified leads that will transform into increased sales.


Sezam has designed the first line of multi-services connected wristbands for controlled access areas: access control, contactless payment, event management… Sezam wristbands serve as admission tickets, paying interfaces or geolocated services.


Smart Me Up has developed a real-time face analysis technology. From a video stream, it can detect faces and estimate precisely characteristics such as age, gender, smile, fatigue, head position, or iris position.
Applications are numerous: identity photos conformity, audience analysis for retail, cosmetics or smart home…
Available in 2 versions: Embedded Solution and Cloud Services Solution.

Nouveau Logo Tilkee

Tilkee is an innovative Saas solution for proposals follow-up & sales process tracking. Tilkee allows sales representatives to be alerted once their commercial bid is read. They can follow-up their prospects at the right time and can adapt their sales speech based on the reading behavior of their prospects.
Tilkee increases closing rate by 25 % on average (based on our customer feedback such as Orange, TNT, Gazprom and many startups).Tilkee can be integrated with a vast majority of business software such as Salesforce, SugarCRM, MailChimp, Intercom, and with Zapier (Dynamics, Ines, Zoho … )

CS-LOGO-noir-cmjn-2015 (2)

Content Square is a software company, specialized in web and mobile site optimisation. The company provides a SaaS solution that helps e-merchants to analyse, test and optimize their customer journey, to increase their conversion rate. In 2014, Content Square was named as one of the 4 most innovative e-commerce technologies in the world by Gartner. It has major groups such as Orange, Cdiscount, Vente-Privée, Yves Rocher, Canal Plus, L’Oreal, LVMH, Printemps… among its clients.


Wynd is a French innovative software company developing a SaaS solution to digitize outlets and restaurants. This software allows retailers to manage and process orders from multiple channels such as marketplaces, websites, mobile apps… but also in-store with its POS, self order kiosks or drive thru solutions. Wynd software increases retailers’ turnover (around 20%) and improves internal processes to increase productivity.

Logo Wicross FT

Wicross is the first platform for connected devices. By aggregating all the connected devices, Wicross allows consumer companies to use their clients connected devices’ data in order to create innovative and personalised services. The Wicross platform is a real opportunity to revolutionize your customer relationship.

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