If they had to give one reason why participating in ubi i/o was the right decision!

“In my opinion, ubi i/o is the best way for a French startup to quickly penetrate the American market, going hand in hand with the global market since most major U.S. corporations are already present on all continents. Through ubi i/o, Business France and their consultants will give you all the necessary tools to adapt your structure to the American market, from a legal, administrative, financial marketing and commercial stand points.” – Stéphane Saad, Chief Strategic Alliances Officer @Pradeo

“For the fans of Back to the Future, episode 2 is catapulting us into the future. It’s the same thing with ubi i/o. We gained an incredible amount of time once we took the time to question ourselves, our internal organization, our commercial processes and our marketing approach.” – Alexandre Yeremian, CEO @Jarvis

“It’s an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in America’s business culture and boost your operations.” – Antoine Level, CEO @Hexo+

“It’s a great introduction of the startup ecosystem and the American culture that is really specific in that field. This understanding of the ecosystem is essential to grow, find partners, investors and build your network, especially with the ambition to develop in the U.S. in a sustainable way.” – Marian Le Calvez, CSO @Giroptic

“We gained a considerable amount of time in 2 months, with the help of local experts who helped us on all necessary fronts to properly approach the U.S. market.” – Fabien Potencier, CEO @Blackfire

“Being in the U.S. for 3 months was a crucial factor. It is necessary to be fully immersed and to follow the program through its entirety, because only at an unexpected moment will the entrepreneur’s mentality change. It takes time to become acquainted with the American business culture because it requires you to move away from your former mentality to one that is suitable to addressing the U.S. market.” – Fabrice Lacroix, CEO @Antidot

“The reason why participating in ubi i/o was the right choice? Right now we are 100% in the U.S., established and currently growing. ubi i/o helped us verify that we had a place in the U.S market. In 3 months, not only did we verify it, we made sure of it. This program was crucial in accomplishing these milestones.” – Mathieu Lhoumeau, CEO & Co-Founder @ ContractLive

“ubi i/o gave us an incredible opportunity in helping us confront the realities of the U.S. market within our sector. The program helped us build the best possible network within a short time frame. Without ubi i/o, we could not have accomplished as much as fast.” Edgar Baudin Co-Founder @Makazi

“It helped us understand that we were made for the American market.” Jean-Marc Pericone CEO and Co-Founder @Sublime Skinz

“Vade Retro has never been as well-known as it is today. It is evident when we meet with new American prospects that are not familiar to us, but who already know about us. Participating in ubi i/o has helped us build our brand. Our line of business happens to be a very small world where everyone is somehow connected and talks.” – Adrien Gendre Head of Product Management @Vade Retro Technology

“ubi i/o forced us to make a move. In the past, we kept on talking about the U.S. but our participation in this program forced us to act upon it. Although we already knew the person we recruited for the U.S. prior to ubi i/o, without the program we would not have been able to decide whether or not it was the right person.”       – Adrien Nussenbaum, Co-Founder @Mirakl

“ubi i/o helped us truly understand the U.S market, and understanding how things work in the United States is a fundamental step to establishing your company. In the end, the program helped us accelerate our global strategy. It is primordial for any company in search of international development to physically go and test itself, and this is what ubi i/o facilitates. Our sector (adtech) was created in the U.S., and if we wanted to attack such a significant market, we had to approach it seriously. ubi i/o was conceived to immerse and to facilitate meetings with key industry players. Without ubi i/o, our discovery of the U.S. market would have been harder, less interesting, much longer and more costly.”  – Charles Gros, CEO and Co-Founder of Tradelab

“The immersion into the U.S. market and ecosystem was a huge benefit from the program. Within a few days after entering the ubi i/o program, we experienced a great deal of cultural changes. The speed of how business is conducted, positioning, pitching, business meetings and networking, all these differences brought us a great deal of value.”  – Mael Ezzabdi, Marketing Manager @The Cosmo Company

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