Here are some tips from our Alumni


Get ready to be knocked down and see your positioning evolve – in a positive way. To adapt to the US: Go fast, and shorten your roadmaps.Charles Gros CEO & Co-Founder @ Tradelab


Prepare very well in advance what you are seeking in the US.  Have clear objectives prior to even arriving in the US.‘ Edgar Baudin, Partner @ Makazi


Use ubi i/o as a platform to setup your operations in the U.S. rather than a program to test the market. If you want to take real advantage of the program, you really have to be there for 10 weeks and make a commitment to stay afterwards. When you go, you should go with the mindset «I am here, and I am here to stay», and not I am here to feel out the market.‘ Adrien Nussenbaum, CEO @ Mirakl

Vade Retro

When going to the U.S., you have to be fully committed. Don’t go without the intention of staying there. When you return to France, you tend to drift away … and then you feel guilty! In IT, the U.S. is where it’s happening. Participate in all program sessions, and take advantage of the business development program which truly helps accelerate your business.

Believe in the program. At the start, I didn’t really give it much credit: I pictured the French Embassy and diplomacy … what could they know about business? However, I had a major wake up call. The program is tremendously effective.

To the people telling themselves “why not” I say: believe and fully commit yourself. You have to decide whether you really want to be in the U.S and use the program as your launch pad, and not as a way to just test the waters.‘ Adrien Gendre, CEO US @ Vade Retro


ubi i/o is a full time program: 3 months. Embrace the fact that you will fundamentally question yourself. There is no certainty, so be ready to rapidly adapt. Speed is an essential aspect of the US market.‘ Mathieu Lhoumeau, CEO @ Concord

The Cosmo Company

Come with your innovation and put it all on the table.

It is crucial to go through the program with one person fully committed through its entire length.‘ Michel Morvan, Executive and Co-Founder @ The CoSMo Company 


Ideally, you should prepare your arrival to the U.S early on by limiting your interaction with your French operations so that you can fully dedicate yourself to ubi i/o, and be 100% free from ongoing operations in France. Otherwise, you will lose a great deal of time early on in the program if you’re still coordinating and dealing with your French side of the business.

That’s why it is critical to be ready ahead of time, and implement a solid process for managing your company’s operation.

For instance, you could try not going into your company’s headquarter for 15 days and working remotely to see how things work out and modify what needs to be adjusted.

If the CEO is not the person following the program, then the person participating will have to redo all the work done during ubi i/o with the CEO. It would take way too much time given the level of commitment ubi i/o requires.‘ Fabrice Lacroix, Founder and CEO @ Antidot

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