How to write a catchy email

You want to find a new partner, raise funds or ask for help but all you have is the person’s email address? As a startup, you might have to write an email that’s sufficiently catchy to avoid getting lost in your adressee’s daily email flow.

Here are a few useful tips to follow to ensure an answer:

  • Choose carefully your email subject line so that the point of your email is immediately clear and your startup’s name is boldly featured
  • Use your company’s email address
  • Remind the addressee of the context or set up the context
  • Show you are aware of your adressee’s background
  • Make it as short as you can
  • Be clear and explicit : he /she has to know what you want from him right away
  • Include a professional signature

It is very important to keep it clear and short. It will show the person you understand their busy schedule, and will ultimately make you appear more confident, eventually impressing a VC, a potential partner or a client.

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