Immersion in ubi i/o 2014

If you are still wondering whether or not you are going to apply to ubi i/o, this video and testimonials from the day to day life of last year’s participants may help you make up your mind.

Take a look at a typical day in the life of our 2014 ubi i/o participants:

ubi i/o 2014, part II

Furthermore, here are some memorable quotes recounting how our French CEOs experienced the program:

‘The ubi i/o program is complete, there is no uncovered topic. Many things happen during long days of work (14-18 hours per day). The UBIFRANCE team is extremely effective. With this fast pace approach, it feels like I’ve done more business in one month in the Silicon Valley than I did in 6 months back in France. The philosophy here is efficiency. People want to take every opportunity to improve their business and reduce their cost of operation. The condition for survival here in the Bay is to be effective and have the best competitive advantages. The pace is 5 to 10 times faster than in France, everything goes really fast. For example, people respond to emails within 24 hours, it is the rule. Decision making is almost immediate but in return there is no room for error. […] In terms of team management, Mathieu has the impression that things in the Silicon Valley are more direct. There is less friction in relations between the managerial staff and their team since the labor market is different here. If things don’t go well, you can easily switch jobs and move on. Relationships seem healthier, less dramatic than in France.’ – Mathieu Lhoumeau, Alumni & CEO @ Contract-Live

‘The workshops are properly tailored and all the speakers are extremely qualified, particularly the Product Management workshops with Alexandra Levitch (Product Manager @ Google Chrome), Aaron Verstraete (Product Manager @ Box) and James Riseman (Product Manager @ Cisco). During the workshop, the three panelists shared their view on the role, responsibilities and definition of a product manager for companies in both B2B and B2C sectors. For instance, they explained how critical it is for product management teams to run tests that are both quick and inexpensive, to effectively communicate with both development and sales teams, and to clearly understand the client’s needs. People in the United States are extremely reactive, when interested they respond immediately and the follow up to set up a meeting is very quick. The efficiency and speed of interactions makes business in the U.S very pleasant.’ – Fabrice Lacroix, Alumni and CEO @ Antidot

‘What impressed me the most is the omnipresence of creativity and innovation, we feel immersed in a world that moves fast and constantly finds new solutions!’ – Adrien Gendre, Alumni & Head of Product Managmement @VadeRetro

‘They are way ahead of Europe in the way they do business (responsiveness, efficiency and openness) in the maturity of their products and in their understanding of the importance of coupling technology & market. Rapid iteration, development of communities, constant tracking of the use of features are necessary for success in the software world.’ – Mael Ezzabdi, Alumni & Marketing Manager @ the Cosmo Company

ubi i/o allowed me to meet a broad range of people whose expertise is vital to any company seeking to establish its business in the U.S. We met PR experts, product management and marketing specialists from companies such as Google, Cisco and Box. They guided me in understanding the best approach to penetrating the US market, which networks to leverage, which tradeshow to take part in etc. I realized that when you are coming from France, you start with a disadvantage because you do not have the American marketing culture. French companies that invest in the valley gave us feedback on their experience which was really valuable.’ – Charles Gros, Alumni & CEO @ Tradelab

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