Impact USA 2017 Kicks Off!

This is it! The 2017 edition of Impact USA has just started! Our 17 startups are more than ready to start the program and learn everything they need about their local ecosystem: Dawex, Designed4Work, Fidzup, Hydrao, Livemon, PlumeLabs, Predicsis, Quasardb, Saagie and Seclab in San Francisco and Cailabs, Cognik, Deep Algo, eJust, Mazen, Tinyclues and Xooloo in New York are Impact USA 2017’s participants.

A lot has already been done since our boot camp in Paris, specifically on positioning and marketing. During the first days of the onsite program, our marketing experts Pam Smith & Page Alloo are coaching our CEOs on how to properly deliver a pitch the American way: meaning a quick & impactful elevator pitch that lasts 1 to 4 minutes. With this preparatory work, last year’s batch won several pitch competitions and we certainly hope this year’s class will do even better!

impact usa 2017 paul strachman workshop

Coaching session with Pam Smith in New York

One of the many objectives of Impact USA is to help our entrepreneurs adapt to their local ecosystem’s culture. Throughout the first week, we are organizing several casual business breakfasts and meetings to give our CEOs the opportunity to meet successful entrepreneurs

On the East Coast, Christophe Ménard, General Manager U.S. & co-founder @Sublime Skinz is coming to talk about how he succeeded in establishing himself in New York’s startup scene “In the U.S., you need to have one product, one value proposition. That’s it. Start with something simple!” Paul Strachman, U.S. Venture Partner and Founder of Spar Venture, is also sharing insider tips on New York’s Venture Capital ecosystem and fundraising in general: “Narrow the list of potential VCs according to the stage you are at, what you do and just do your research!

On the West Coast, Jerem Febvre, U.S. President and also co-founder of Sublime Skinz, was our guest for the first breakfast to talk about his own experience as a French entrepreneur in America. San Francisco’s participants had then the opportunity to learn from Romain Serman, Bpifrance USA Director, who made an accurate state of the investment dynamic in Silicon Valley.

impact usa romain serman bpi sf

Workshop on the state of the investment dynamic with Romain Serman in San Francisco

Another goal of the program is to help our companies gain quick actionable insights on various topics related to their growth. To do so, a variety of workshops are done over the first week, with topics such as:

  • How to Protect Your IP – with our partner Orrick
    Orrick Logo Social Media
  • Setting up and Deploying U.S. Operations – with our partner Pramex

The Impact USA program’s expectations are high. Whenever our CEOs aren’t too busy with workshops featuring industry experts, they are handling business meetings with potential clients or partners. At night, you’ll also find them pitching investors and customers in their respective cities. If you’d like to see all the startups pitch, please join us at our first pitch events hosted by PitchForce on April 25th in San Francisco at the Hack Temple and by StartupBoost on April 27th in New York at WorkVille. You definitely don’t want to miss it, so make sure to register early!

The program will last for 10 weeks and end with a demo day. Please make the date in your calendar: June 21st in New York and June 22nd in San Francisco!

We hope to see you along the way! Let Impact USA 2017 begin!

The Impact team.

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