Jean-Michel from TellMePlus: Whatever you’ve already planned before you left for San Francisco, it will dramatically change

Following Pradeo‘s most recent interview with the Chief Strategic Alliances Officer, Stephane Saad.  We are pleased to share today Jean-Michel Cambot’s insights towards the ubi i/o program. Jean-Michel is the founder and CEO of TellMePlus.

“Compared to France, things go faster here, very fast… Doing business in the US is direct and people don’t want to waste any time. Even if they’re available or friendly (for instance, you can request to connect with qualified and skilled C-levels on LinkedIn and potentially have coffee with them while they give you advice), they’ll let you know right away if there’s a relation or not!”

“In regards to ubi i/o, it’ s exactly how i’d imagined it to be! The program is spot-on and very efficient. In France, It would have taken us months to connect with the right person whereas here, it’s just a matter of days. Thanks to Business France’s Advising Team, I really improved my pitch and received the best training to accomplish our marketing strategies in the US.”

“Speaking about the pitching exercises, I think we’ve been cheated! (laughing) Before arriving to San Francisco, my team and I been painstakingly preparing a pitch with slides for the past two months. Upon my arrival for the program, I was required to do a slideless pitch! This was a challenging exercise that I  had to improve. I found it very useful because it helped us enhance our pitch.”

“A word of advice to my fellow French Entrepreneurs who would like to develop their business in Silicon Valley: You have to be here! Whatever you’ve already planned before you left for San Francisco, it will dramatically change. And you’ll have to change it over and over again.”

“A side note to the city of San Francisco. The weather here is awful during the summer compared to Montpelier (laughing). Otherwise, it’s pretty nice!”

Thanks to Jean-Michel for sharing his insights! Who will be our next entrepreneur interviewee? Stay tuned!

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