Ilan Abehassera

Ilan Abehassera Founder and CEO @ Insensi

Ilan Abehassera is a second time Entrepreneur based in NYC since 2004. He is now Founder and CEO at Insensi, makers of ILY, a new kind of communication device and platform for Families :
Ilan’s first company, Producteev, one of the leading Task Management platforms for teams, had 2,500 paying companies when it got acquired by Jive Software (Nasdaq listed company) in November 2012, which is when Ilan and his family moved to Palo Alto, where he stayed until the summer of 2014, before moving back to NYC to start Insensi.
Ilan is also an angel investor in great companies such as Sunrise (acquired by Microsoft), (acquired by Facebook), Algolia,, OKPanda, Sabi, Campaign, Circa and 15 more.
Ilan is a dad of 3, and lives with his wife in Manhattan.