Meet with French hottest startups @CES

22% of all startups at CES 2015 will be from France

Meet with 20 of them at our CES Pavilion :

French pavilion @Eureka park – Location: Sands, Level 2


Solo musicians can control the beat and the melody of a given song with a connected object that tracks the way they move. The object talks to the app via bluetooth, and turns these movements into music in real time.


Designed to be fashionable headphones, the ORA-X is a complete audio headset with a slim line retinal projector. The ORA is capable of running a wide range of hands-free wireless applications, from GPS to messaging, and sports applications.


3DRUDDER is a sophisticated feet-controlled 3D navigation and motion controller. The user rests their feet on a connected device while seated, and tilts in the direction he or she wishes to move in the virtual world.

MyBiody Balance

MyBiody Balance has developed a portable and connected body check-up device that can be used by everybody at any time. It gives users better control over their well-being through an instant and regular assessment of their health.


Tenor amplifiers: which today sits beside your speakers, enables music to be sent wirelessly to the speakers, and very soon will be integrated directly in loudspeakers cabinet.

Green Creative,

Green Creative’s first product is The Flexidry range for industrial waste and unsold goods in the agricultural foods and cosmetics industries uses patented technologies to separate products from their containers. The second product is R3D3, a smart and connected trash can that is capable of separating consumer beverage waste such as cans, bottles and plastic cups.


PRYNT is the Polaroid for the 21st century. PRYNT turns your iPhone or Android into an instant camera without the need for a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. PRYNT also brings your photos to life with short movies.

Smart me up

SMART ME UP has developed a Real-Time Face Analysis Technology. From a video stream, its technology can detect faces and estimate characteristics such as age, gender, smile, fatigue, head position, or iris position.

myBrain Technologies

MYBRAIN RELAX uses connected devices to measure brain activity and train your brain to relax.


PRIZM turns any speakers into an adaptive learning music player. Thanks to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals from phones or wearables and a sound level sensor, PRIZM can tell who is in the room and adapts the music genre to set the perfect atmosphere.

Move ‘N See

PIXIO is capable of capturing the action of any sportsman wearing a tag – surfers, football players, riders – even zooming automatically when necessary. Because PIXIO uses radar technology, it can film both indoors and outdoors.


BBRIGHT offers the best UltraHD picture quality available on the market today while reducing the bandwidth requirements and operational costs for its customers.


BELTY is a belt that adjusts throughout the day, loosening and tightening accordingly. Over time, it measures the progression of abdominal fat, alerting its wearer of any cardiovascular risks or the onset of pre-diabetes.

Slow Control

SLOW CONTROL is the smart baby bottle holder that helps you track how much and how fast your baby is drinking, how to hold the bottle properly and lets you know if a lump is clogging the bottle.

3D Sound Labs

3D audio world of cinematic sound quality now available in the small, intimate space of your headphones, including real-time head tracking and advanced audio processing


DIGITSOLE is the first connected and interactive insole that warms your feet to a desired temperature, tracks how many steps you take during the day, checks the calories you burned, the distance walked as well as your current altitude.


MEG GEM, a sensor capable of decoding the messages that are constantly emitted by plants into information that people can understand.

Connected Cycle

Designed by urban cycling specialists CONNECTED CYCLE, the pedal automatically records the speed, route, elevation and calories burnt.


The crystal-clear, natural and immersive audio quality has made ARKAMYS technology a favorite in the movie business and automotive industry, as well as consumer electronics.


KOLOR is a pioneer in image stitching and interactive virtual tours, with a passion for innovation.

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