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Project Description

Impact: Where was your company before Impact2014 ? How many employees? Revenues? Presence in the US and in the World? Fund raised?

Before Impact, 5 people in France, only 600K euros raised.

Impact: Where is it today?

Now, 20 people, 60% France, 40% USA. $2.7M raised in the U.S.

Impact: What have been the most memorable moments of your U.S. development since your were selected to Impact 2014?

The most memorable moment of Impact for Concord was winning the World Cup Tech Challenge, and the coverage that followed.


Business in the U.S. is a marathon, not a 100 meter race.

Impact : How did your business benefit from your participation in Impact?

The output ? Clients, fund raising, and our permanent U.S. presence.


We have set up Concord in the U.S.


In France, Impact and our presence in the U.S. have given us even more credibility.  Our relationships with both current and potential clients changed significantly once they realized we also have offices in the U.S.  Now, Concord is an international group.


We raised money thanks to Impact. We met our investors during some of the events we attended thanks to Impact.


We also recruited several persons in the US thanks to Impact

Impact : If you had to give just one reason why participating in Impact was the right decision, what would it be?

The reason why participating in Impact was the right choice ? Right now we are 100% in the U.S., established and growing.  Impact context for accomplishing these milestones.


Impact helped us verify that we have a place on the U.S. market.  And in 3 months, we not only verified : we are sure of it.

Impact : What did you enjoy most about the program ?

The coaching sessions with Laura Elmore provided a great medium for defining our strategy for attacking the U.S. market.


The pitch I created during these sessions did not change during the program. And I still use it to this day.  Laura Elmore helped us communicate the optimal message for the market right from our first steps in the U.S.

Impact : Any advice for the next class of participants?

Impact is a full time program : 3 months.


Embrace that you will fundamentally question yourself.


There is no certainty, and so we are ready to rapidly adapt.  Speed is an essential aspect of the U.S. market.

Impact : What are your next steps?

New round of fundraising, and multiplying the team by 2 in 2016.