Meet ubi i/o startups in New York


Meet ubi i/o startups in New York

Plese find below the blurbs of the companies that are participating in ubi i/o’s class of 2016 . These participants were selected by a selection committee from a large pool of highly qualified applicants.

Please review this packet (detailed executive summaries by cliking on the hyperlinks) and select the participants you would like to meet with. They will be hosted in New York starting April 18th, and we would like to give you priority in scheduling a meeting from April 21th through May 1st. Please respond via email directly to me ( with your selections by Monday, April 8th. In your response, please indicate your availability to meet between April 21th and May 1st.
Afterwards, the ubi/o team will coordinate meetings between you and the participating companies.

For a quick overview here is what they have to offer:
Media/Adtech/ Advertising/ Marketing:
vidcoin-smallo Vidcoin: Vidcoin built the world’s first mobile specific programmatic video ad format based on video pre-caching technology that removes latency from the mobile video ad equation. They solve two problems: latency of video ads on mobile and the lack of a programmatic standard for serving pre-cached ads via DSPs.

Executive summary for Vidcoin


o S4M: Adways offers a revolutionary online platform enabling anyone to make interactive videos. Enrich your Educational, Advertising, Media and Corporate videos with clickable contents to boost audience engagement and monetization by providing the right information at the right time within your videos.

Executive summary for s4M


o Botify:  helps Traffic and SEO Managers increase organic traffic and revenue using actionable, reliable and up-to-date data.

Executive summary for Botify


o C-Radar: is a cloud-enabled predictive marketing platform for marketing and B2B sales teams. Based on accurate and updated data issued from websites, social networks and media, our platform allows you to identify and score new prospects, keep track of your competition, and design tailored go-to-market strategies.

Executive summary for C-Radar


o AB Tasty: Founded in 2009 and with 5 offices around the world, AB Tasty is an established SaaS-provider offering a one-stop platform composed of a range of features built to increase conversion rates through AB -and multivariate- testing, personalization, user-engagement and marketing automation on desktop and mobile devices. The solution helps marketers identify, assess and implement changes to the customer journey in order to deliver a better and more effective user experience.

Executive Summary for AB Tasty



Itrust-smallo iTrust: As a cybersecurity expert firm, ITrust offers innovative solutions based on cutting edge technologies with the best available rates perfectly tailored to risks levels within an enterprise. ITrust’s latest product, Reveelium, is a behavioral analysis engine that detects deviant behavior, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and other unknown viruses through upstream analysis within the IT system.

Executive summary for iTrust

Enterprise software:

o Tilkee:  is the innovative Saas solution for business proposal follow-ups & sales process tracking. It allows you to structure your commercial bids, send them to your prospects and get detailed statistics on their reading behavior. No more time wasted on useless follow-ups. Qualify your prospects by understanding their purchasing intentions: you will discover who, how, when, and where your commercial bids are read. Focus your efforts on clients that are really interested in your products and services.

Executive summary for Tilkee


onoff-smallo OnOff Telecom: The technology developed by Onoff allows users to instantly generate and use multiple mobile phone numbers on one smartphone. Those numbers can be used in a cloud-based virtual smartphone app that works from any location on any device, creating a new way to use our means of communications.

Executive summary for OnOff App