Dawex is a data marketplace to monetize, share and acquire all types of data, safely and without any intermediaries.

Dawex also allows private data exchange for exclusive partnership agreements.

We’ve built a unique trusted third-party platform that combines all the steps and functions to carry out data transactions around the world. Our goal is to help build the data industry by making data exchange accessible and secure for all stakeholders.

Dawex enables direct monetization of any type of data ; including business, technical, IOT, behavioral, and personal data, anonymized or otherwise. Thanks to Dawex’s platform, suppliers publish their offerings and highlight the value of their data while keeping complete control over both distribution and configuration of rights. Dawex enables data buyers to find the most appropriate offers, evaluate data quality, schedule recurring data exchanges over time, and receive notifications regarding new opportunities.

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Founders : Fabrice Tocco, Laurent LafayeFounded : 2015