eJust sets a new standard for dispute resolution in line with today’s business needs and velocity, based on the worldwide acknowledged institution of arbitration, that allows parties to agree in advance to the rules that will solve their dispute.

eJust systemizes and industrializes the legal process by offering packaged and consumable legal enforcement through an intuitive, user-friendly and comprehensive 100% online interface.

Duration and costs are predictable, without indexation to the amount in dispute. Implementing the eJust solution is easy: the parties add the eJust clause to their contract or general terms, free of charge. All due process guarantees are embedded in the platform’s code, ensuring perfect compliance with the law. Independent, trained and certified arbitrators are appointed to disputes in line with the specific area of expertise best fulfilling the requirements of each case. eJust is ISO 27001 certified, ensuring confidentiality and security to all its users.

The outcome is a final and binding award enforceable in +150 countries.

Accelerate justice – accelerate business

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Founders : Leonardo Gorini, Amiel FeldmanFounded : 2014Location : Paris