Hydrao is a French water-tech start-up that drives technology solutions to enable both water conservation and preservation. Developing and deploying both high-quality consumer and enterprise products will help raise awareness of the growing importance of life’s essential resource.

Studies show that by 2025, ⅔ of the world will face critical hydric stress conditions and more people will die due to poor water quality than to violence (including wars). Hydrao First, the company’s first product to be based on our patented technology, is the world’s first smart showerhead. It enables people to modify their behavior by giving them real-time information on their water usage in order to empower them to take action. On average, our users reduce their water usage by 25% while also saving energy!

Our strategy is to build our first successes in 3 key areas:

1. International market development by expanding into both the European and US markets.

2. Diversifying our revenue sources by developing B2B products with showerhead OEMs (through licensing) and utilities (data).

3. Hardware & software innovation: improving water quality measurement sensors, extending the reach of our solution with a family-oriented game fed by both home measurements and real-world data.

By pursuing these 3 strategic directions, Hydrao will be able to successfully transition from a promising start-up to becoming a world leader.

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Founders : Gabriel Della-MonicaFounded : 2015