With digital attention spans decreasing and consumer expectations that are higher than ever, the constant & consistent availability of apps & services are critical to a business’ success. LiveMon is the only tool you need to monitor your entire IT infrastructure, end-to-end. We combine the monitoring functions of our various competitors, to bring infrastructure monitoring, external monitoring and log management together in one cohesive, affordable product. Powered by artificial intelligence, LiveMon is able to predict and prevent potentially catastrophic service failures such as crashes, latency, downtime and poor performances. Our business gives peace of mind to your business. We believe that, empowered by our solution, teams can stop wasting time firefighting performance issues and get back to what is important to them, bulding their core business. Our company is a team of creative entrepreneurs, who are passionate and truly believe in disrupting the APM market, and bringing monitoring up to speed.

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Founders : Marc PertronFounded : 2015Location : Brest, Bretagne