With PredicSis AI, understand & act in a few clicks to increase your sales & marketing – lead scoring, upsell, cross-sell and retention efficiency by over 200%. Lead scoring, upsell, cross-sell, retention and fraud are the major use cases. Our customers leverage the predictive power of data without data science expertise; thanks to our fully automatic AI based Predictive Analytics software. PredicSis AI is used by CDOs, Sales & Marketing departments and business analysts. They gain access to a precise view on their customers’ behavior, highlighting root causes of success or failure and the ability to target which customers or prospects they should address first and why. PredicSis AI is based on a proprietary Machine Learning algorithm, output of a 100man*year of R&D efforts including 5 patents. Predicsis AI won many international and scientific awards.

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Founders : Jean Louis FuccellaroFounded : 2013Location : Bretagne