Founded in 2011, SECLAB provides products and solutions that help customers render their critical systems un-hackable. Our solutions are based on unique and patented next-generation airgap technologies. Headquartered in Montpellier (France), the company is also present in San Francisco. Made in France, the products are perfectly aligned with critical infrastructure operators’ needs in fields such as energy generation and distribution, water treatment, oil and chemical industries, transportation, finance, etc. From the observation that software security is inadequate for critical systems, our offer is based on an in depth defense approach implemented in electronics that protects against sophisticated cyber-attacks by design. The solutions offer unique levels of security while facilitating their integration into existing and future systems. They address information exchange between two isolated systems and end-point protection against sophisticated USB threats, such as BadUSB.

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Founders : Pascal SitbonFounded : 2011Location : Montpellier