La French Tech at CES 2016: Everything You Need to Know

“France Is Absolutely Crushing It at CES” — Jason O. Gilbert, Technology Editor, Yahoo Inc. January 2015

The bar was set high after a successful 2015 CES for the French Tech community, but this year, we made it even better thanks to more than 200 amazing French companies at the 2016 CES!

For the 3rd consecutive year, Business France organized the French Tech Pavilion and selected the 22 best french startups to be part of it. They had the opportunity to showcase their innovations and talk to the public in the heart of the “Eureka Park”, a zone dedicated to startups.

French Tech CES


Again, the rooster made some noise into the Tech world in Las Vegas! Cyrus Sanati described France in Fortune Magazine as “Tech’s Unexpected Powerhouse” of the CES. He did not stop there, as he pointed out the crucial role of Business France as a promoter of French companies:

“Business France has been effective at attracting attention to French startups, and under the “La French Tech” banner, Business France has helped French tech startups over the last two years with everything from raising funds to garnering media attention to flying them to big tech events, such as SxSW in Austin, Slush in Helsinki — and, of course, CES in Las Vegas.”

Besides the Eureka Park, two of ubi i/o’s alumni — Hexo+ and Giroptic— were part of the Tech East hall: a place for more mature companies with a market-ready product. These two companies showed off their progress after their acceleration with Business France and were scoping for new partners to sustain their growth.


Giroptic stood out of the crowd after announcing on December 15th, a $4.5M Seed Funding round led by Partech Ventures to accelerate the launch of the famous 360° HD camera. But that’s not it, Giroptic was one of the three finalists of the Extreme Tech Challenge which will allow them to go to Necker Island to pitch Richard Branson himself!

In retrospect, all 190 startups played a significant role in the success of the French Tech at CES. We can mention in particular those who were with us in the French Tech pavilion such as 3D Sound Lab with the world’s first smart 3D audio Headphones, Air Serenity which purifies the air through a breakthrough process, Bell&Wyson which protects your family and lights up your house, Bixi, the world’s first ultra-portable, fully contact-less gesture-control device for smart objects, C-way, an innovative startup that aims to revolutionize the  connected world for kids, Design Screen, the only projection screen in the world that folds away behind your customized picture frame, EnerBee which develops a ground-breaking micro generator using the power of motion that aims to replace batteries in consumer and industrial smart objects, FRANCECRAFT who launches the first custom-made and versatile Electric Drivable Modules, Immersit which turns your couch into one that will enable you to physically feel everything that takes place on your screen, L-SEE, a disruptive solution to lose weight, so anyone can adapt his efforts to his metabolism, and eliminate useless privation, Oombrella, a smart umbrella, Phonotonic which develops smart musical objects, Prizm which plays the perfect music on your speakers, Qarnot which heats people for free thanks to computers, ROMY Paris, a connected skincare formulator, able to create instantly at home, the right dose of ultra- personalized face care, Sensorwake, an innovative smell-based alarm clock or Oliba which looks after your children’s cuddly toy for you and helps you locate it.

Among the 190 French Tech startups, here are the ones who really blew our mind, keep an eye out for them!


8 French startups to keep in mind after the CES

Blue Frog Robotics

Blue Frog Robotics presented Buddy, “the first mobile robot companion accessible to everyone”. Buddy got 618K$ from their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo last year and the company is now working on selling its product on the market. One interesting point with Buddy is that it is open-source which allowsdevelopers tocreate new services based on the robot. We have seen in the past that it is a good way to push up a product, time will tell if they can create a r community of developers around Buddy!  



FeetMe created smart inner insoles that provide gait analysis in real time. It is especially useful to monitor pressure to avoid ulcers. Another use case is for athletes wanting to get detailed information about their running motion in order to avoid injuries or to increase their performances.


Drust allows you to save up to 30% on your fuel costs. How does it work? AKOLYT is a system plugged in the diagnostic system of your car. Whatever happens (driving, maintenance, breakdown, etc.), AKOLYT gives you all the tips to be a SuperDriver! The plus of their solution is the gamification part. Do you want to be the best driver? Then compare your score with others and climb the ladders to the top of the ranking!  



Famoco sells a dedicated device for professionals. The device uses the Android OS for more flexibility. For clients, it is a good way to get an affordable, secure and flexible professional device. Besides, the startup provides a built-in device management. The use cases are broad (access control, attendance tracking, cashless payment…) and the future seems bright for Famoco!


Sevenhugs is building the world’s first contextual remote with a touch screen that automatically adapts according to what the user points to, allowing anyone at home to control multiple connected devices with a touch of a finger. And this is why they got a CES Innovation Award!    

Smart Me Up

Smart Me Up is doing real time facial analysis on videos. They are able to identify the gender, age, the identification of a person and the analysis of emotions. This technology could empower our devices and applications pretty soon.    



Bluetens is a healthcare device that connects and communicates with your smartphone for your well-being. It allows you to get specific physiotherapy treatments, relaxing massage and muscle strengthening programs wherever you want. It is one of the best CES innovations in the health category.

10 Vins

Last but not least, 10 Vins is winner of the CES 2016! They’ve created a technology capable to aerate and decant wine in less than a minute while serving it at the right temperature. After their victory, the team had to struggle with the huge interest for their machine. Cheers for their success and best of luck to them in the future!  

The cherry on top of the cake: French top executives were here to support the French Tech

La French Tech Night at the Linq Hotel

This year, the French Tech mission and Business France organized  a private party to promote French Tech with Americans attendees. The night at the Linq Hotel was the opportunity to meet french startups, VCs, french companies such as Sigfox or La Poste and French executives just arriving from Paris.

Among them, we can highlight the attendance of Emmanel Macron, Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Data, Pierre Gataz, president of MEDEF and Muriel Pénicaud, CEO of Business France.

The executives promoted French companies at the CES

These personalities took the time to visit the French companies on January 7th, promoting the startups and attracting the media around the French Tech Pavilion. It was a good way to show the support of the French government to those companies and to convince the investors from all over the world how France is working hard on promoting its economy.  


Yes, France was back in force at the 2016 CES and managed to leave a lasting impression. The great press coverage and all the positive feedback received throughout the CES leaves us confident in the bright future of all these startups and their ability to go against american competitors and conquer the market!




 by Nicolas Le Roux – LinkedIn | @nico_lrx

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