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Achieve in 10 weeks what usually takes a year when launching in the US

Localize your offer and marketing

Our teams and experts, who coached some of the most successful American tech companies, work side by side with you to craft a powerful and compelling market positioning.

Create a sales machine

Coached by experts in revenue growth, create a winning and predictable sales machine. We introduce you to potential clients or partners, so you can test, iterate and generate opportunities.

Raise funds

Our 48 alumni raised over $132M post-program.

Create brand awareness

You will be pitching night and day, with prospects, investors, influencers, entrepreneurs, or media outlets. Because practice makes perfect.

Set up operations

We guide you through the setup of local operations and recruiting. We provide $110K of perks.

Learn from the best

Our lineup of mentors is made of 70+ successful entrepreneurs and market experts. No one is a consultant, everyone is local.

They did it

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" What is Impact USA? A fast track to the U.S. "
Simon Tchedikian , Co-Founder and CEO @ Sevenhugs (2016 batch)
" Impact USA pushed us to move forward. In the past, we kept on talking about the U.S., this program gave us all the keys to act upon it. "
Adrien Nussenbaum, Co-Founder and CEO @ Mirakl (2014 batch)
" For the fans of Back to the Future, episode 2 is catapulting us into the future. It’s the same thing with Impact USA. "
Alexandre Yeremian, Co-Founder and CEO @ Jarvis (2015 batch)
" The program made us realize how committed we should be to start our operations in the U.S. We’re now opening an office here. "
Adrien Menard, Co-Founder and CEO @ Botify (2016 batch)

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