Strategic Inbound Marketing (Part II)

As we previously analyzed the 4 most common types of inbound marketing techniques, let’s now discuss a few other strategies that could lend your business well … more business.

  • Referrals:

You may have heard this before and you will hear it again, one of your best sources of inbound leads are your current happy customers. From word to mouth, to online testimonials you should be posting on your company’s website, any recommendation from your current customers establishes credibility and trustworthiness. In B2B settings, the best way to receive referrals is often to give it, simple reciprocity. Success stories tend to spread and you will be the one benefiting from free publicity as long as your brand upholds its promises.

  • Free tools & trials

About a decade ago, few innovative companies such as Salesforce became pioneers of the 30-day free trial of its internet based services. This technique now has spread amongst most internet based companies and is known to be both an effective lead generator and a great sales tool. The secret is to take a part of your service that is useful by itself and advertise it for free, if done properly; this will become one of your best sales tool.

  • Webinars

Not primarily used as a selling tool but more as an educational experience, you should use webinars as a way to teach and inform you attendees on how you can help them do their jobs better. Parts of your presentation should relate back to your product / service offering but your primary focus should be to share your expertise upon specific topics within your field. This will accomplish a few things:

–          Establish credibility in a neutral setting

–          Spread the word through the attendee’s networks about your company

All in all, you should strive to execute two to three of these inbound marketing tools and implement them properly rather than trying to apply  them all with scattered efforts and attention. Momentum building accompanied with expertise will allow you to take your business to the next level.

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