ubi i/o 2015 day 3

Another intense ubi i/o day!

Ramping up your US Revenue Before Starting Local Operations

On Wednesday, our startups shared their breakfast with Jeremy Ben Sadoun, Business Developer @Algolia and Thomas Cottereau, CEO @SightCall. Addressing this following topic : “Ramping up your US Revenue Before Starting Local Operations”, Jeremy and Thomas gave their How-Tos on conducting your business in the U.S without any employee or team member on the American soil.


The first question you have to ask yourself according to Jeremy, is whether your product requires you to establish a direct physical  interaction with your client or not? The bigger Yes the answer to this question is, the sooner you will have to start your operations in the US. And don’t even think about coming in the Valley to start a business with a client who needs it, and fly away whenever it is set up.

Inevitably, you will have to start your operations locally. But until this very critical moment, you still need to run your business from abroad. How to deal with it? You need to adapt not only your processes, but also your entire company to achieve your goal. “When calling you, no one should be able to notice if you’re French, or American. You are international” said Thomas.

6 tips to ramp up your US revenue from abroad

  1. One of the biggest tips to reach this international level is to make your teams speak English, wherever they’re located. This will help you get a clue and get adjusted to the mindset.
  2. The next step is execution. You don’t want to waste time, you don’t want to lose contact with your homeland’s teams. Thomas organizes regular thematic visio-conferences, requiring the right people to attend the right meeting so everyone can stay updated towards their role and the core vision of the company. Jeremy uses asynchronous project management tools so whenever one team starts their day, they can link back with the work that was just accomplished overseas.
  3. One more thing if you are targeting the US, make sure that someone here has the power to make executive decisions, as business in Silicon Valley goes fast.
  4. You will also need to hire people. At an early stage, every single hire is strategic and  can be costly. Doing it from abroad is not the right choice. While Jeremy makes the final 3 applicants come to the French offices in Paris, Thomas seeks for high profiles in his network.
  5. You need to measure whatever you’re doing, in order to make sure you’re not going in the wrong direction.
  6. One of the major pain points foreign entrepreneurs forget when they settle in Silicon Valley is their Intellectual Property. Time consuming indeed, but essential nonetheless. That was the topic of Wednesday’s Lunchtime Workshop.


How to be defensive on your IP while starting a business in the US?

Lita Verrier and Jordan Beckerman gave our startups a lecture on how to be defensive on your IP while starting a business in the US.   “Up to 80% of the stolen IP are from employees“. Therefore, you must protect yourself from this standpoint, making your employees sign agreements including what they can and cannot do after leaving your company as well as the use of cloud storage services for confidential documents. Regarding your partnerships, you have to make sure you’re not leaving your IP while closing an outsourcing, supply or distribution deal. Be specific. Your best protection will always be written agreements that are signed by both parties. Be defensive as soon as you meet potential partners. And don’t worry, no one will mind signing an NDA.   Now, let’s speak about what might frighten you the most: the competition. Depending what stage you’re at, you have several options.  Trademark, Patent, Copyright … The main point to remember is that even at the very beginning of your business in the US, these are essential steps to consider and execute.     


ubi i/o VIP Opening night

Yesterday’s VIP Opening night was a real proof of the work done by our companies.

Thanks to our partner Bpifrance and our sponsor Cambon Partners, the ubi i/o companies had the opportunity to deliver their pitch to our VIP guests at The Battery’s Penthouse.

In addition, we’ve been honored by the presence of Gérard Araud, French Ambassador in the US

Now that our entrepreneur’s pitches are sharpened and Americanized, join us on Thursday May 7th at ubi i/o Startup Pitch Night!

We’re thrilled to share those moments with you through these photos!






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