ubi i/o 2015 week 3: Why do you exist?

A bit of a shocking question isn’t it? Well, that’s the type of questions you have to ask yourself when you get to a certain point. You’re overwhelmed, working, working and then working some more, dealing with day to day operations and discussing strategy the minute after, going to pitching competitions and world class conferences. Your technology is great and you’re the best at what you do. But why did you start in the first place? More importantly, how do you tell the world what you’re doing and why?

Marketing in a transparent world

Our companies should now have strong clues on how to answer those questions, thanks to Rodrigo Espinosa, Founder and Lead Strategist @ Huddle Brand Agency, Heather Meeker Haas, Co-Founder and Partner @ MeekerQuinn PR Agency and Adiba Barney, CEO @ SVForum, Communication & PR Coach and Consulting. They came to our office on Monday to lead a workshop toward Marketing and Brand Awarenessorganized by SVForum and moderated by Adiba.

Rodrigo shared his strategies on how to build your brand. “Commodity is the worst place to be” he said. Heather emphasized on PR, especially how to own your story. Because “If you don’t own and tell your story, the market will do that for you“. Read more in our dedicated post!

IoT World

On Tuesday and Wednesday, our two Hardware Startups HEXO+ and Giroptic were exposing at IoT World, the world’s largest Internet of Things event, taking place at Moscone Center. Amongst attendees were lots of technology distributors and buyers who were thrilled to discover new products. 

Our two companies benefited from the media coverage and also got to connect with lots of potential industrial partners.

If that wasn’t good enough, Giroptic & Hexo+ were also part of the 8 companies selected to pitch on the central stage of the Innovation of Things Award. They both did a great job in front of a panel of investors. And guess who won the pitching competition of the biggest Internet of Things conference? Giroptic!

The Startup Conference

From one event to another, the ubi i/o companies are pitching their product in the Valley’s most important events. We had a full ubi i/o booth setup at the Startup Conference on Thursday.

With close to 2,000 entrepreneurs, the Startup Conference is one of the largest conferences in Silicon Valley for starting your business and learning how to pitch VCs, find-co-founders, launch your product to the press and more.


Despite the rain, a lot of people came to meet our entrepreneurs creating promising connections.


One of the key points of the day was the pitching competition. Among hundreds of applications, 8 companies were selected to pitch in front of a distinguished panel. Our two IoT startups were once again selected to pitch!  

They had the opportunity to pitch not only to the crowd gathered in Redwood City’s Fox Theatre, but the whole world as the conference was live streamed.



After a first pitch, the attendees got to choose who would face the final panel. Annnnnd Giroptic hit the top 3 once again! They presented their product and business models to the following impressive VC panel:

Ho Nam, General Partner, Altos Ventures
Joel Eriksson, Creandum
Carey Lai, Intel Capital
Sharon Wienbar, ScaleVP
Patricia Nakache, General Partner, Trinity Ventures 
Sandhya Venkatachalam, Co-Founding Partner, Centerview
Alison Wagonfeld, Operating Partner, Emergence Capital
Bill Reichert, Managing Director, Garage Technology Venture

After another 3mn pitch, Q&A sessions and a long and suspenseful deliberation, the panel voted for Oneva, a concierge in-home and on-the-go care services provider. The decision was definitely a tough one for the panel, but according to the crowd’s vote, Giroptic won the public’s heart!   

Your next chance to meet with our entrepreneurs and discover their product is next Wednesday at PitchForce!

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