ubi i/o 2016: some advice from our alumni

The countdown has already begun! Only one week left before ubi i/o 2016 begins! The past few weeks have been very busy as our team has been working alongside the 18 selectees who are getting ready to launch their operations in the U.S.

Throughout this preparatory work, many questions come up, and what better answers than those of our alumni ? Here are some insights from our graduated startups on how to get the most out of ubi i/o.


Define clear goals for the program

ubi i/o has one major role: help promising French startups grow in the U.S. and establish an office during or shortly after the program. From Vade Retro’s perspective: “use the program as your launch pad, don’t just test the waters”.

For Makazi, defining goals is key: “Prepare and plan ahead what you are seeking in the U.S., have clear objectives prior to arriving”.

Throughout the past weeks, our team has been working with the participants to define & plan out their goals. While some of them want to generate new business, others want to focus on raising money or sign strategic partnerships. ubi i/o’s tailored & customized approach will allow our 18 CEOs to accomplish just that.

Our fellow 2015 alumni, Adways insists on “creating a strategy so you can focus on deploying your solution in the U.S”.


An intense program needs a full commitment

ubi i/o is really intense during the entire duration of the program. That’s why you need to be fully committed when participating in the program. According to Tellmeplus, ”It’s better to come with a two person crew, handling the program by yourself can become exhausting”.

Jarvis Legal added, “Stay open minded & take all the feedback you receive, this will allow you to better your product, your operations & processes”. Giroptic agrees: “Americans are really accessible, regardless of their titles or positions, and their feedback is always constructive”.

There’s no doubt in our minds, we believe that entrepreneurs should be 100% committed to the program and ideally stay throughout the entire 10 weeks. For Evercontact, it’s the only way to get the most of ubi i/o: “Plan on staying 10 weeks without coming back to France and execute the preparatory work that Business France will offer you”.


Be ready to adapt to the speed of the U.S.

“In the U.S., there is no certainty, and so we are ready to rapidly adapt.  Speed is an essential aspect of the U.S. market.” says the CEO of Concord. It is true that everything is faster here and for Tradelab, there is only one solution to keep up with the pace: “go fast, and shorten your roadmaps”.

We bring our participants to many events during ubi i/o to help them connect to the american startup ecosystem. For Pradeo, you should respect the program in order to make the right connections: “the speakers are all high caliber profiles; the experts who will accompany you are also highly qualified. Try not to miss any networking events”.

Last but not least, to avoid being overwhelmed during ubi i/o, having a good organisation is really important. Blackfire understood this very well while they had plenty of business meeting throughout the program. They advise to “send multiple team members if possible, and plan on communicating regularly with your teams back in France”.

You also should organise your operations in France in order to be 100% available to work on your american growth. For Antidot, “You should prepare you arrival to the U.S. early on by limiting interaction with your French operations so that you can fully dedicate yourself to ubi i/o, and be 100% free from ongoing operations in France”. For example, “You could try not going into your company’s headquarters for 15 days and work remotely to see how things work out and then modify what needs to be changed”.


With all these advice, it’s easy to see that preparation, goal setting, focus and open mindedness are key to having a successful ubi i/o experience. We’re thrilled to welcome our 18 startups and can’t wait to keep you updated with their progresses.


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