ubi i/o: Day Three

Day Three began with an informal breakfast fireside chat with Xavier Wartelle, CEO of French Tech Hub and Eric Didier, CEO of behaview Corp., both seasoned SV entrepreneurs, who shared anecdotes of their experiences.


Once the discussion wrapped up and all of the coffee was consumed, the start-ups began an intensive, afternoon-long pitch review with Laura Elmore, @Market Engage. One by one, each participant presented in front of the group, and the start-ups in the audience listened for key strategic points in each presentation and offered insights and suggestions for fine-tuning.

At lunch time, our participants took a break from pitch review to attend a workshop panel on Methods for Protecting IP. Our distinguished panelists were Lita Verrier and Francois Laugier, experts in intellectual property and technology transactions respectively, are both Partners at RMKB. The ubi i/o participants found the workshop instructive, and particularly appreciated the recommendation and instructions on how to register their IP in the United States as soon as possible.

After final touches to presentations, the ubi i/o team and start-ups headed over to the San Francisco location of the French Tech Hub, a growth accelerator for French high tech companies in the U.S.

At 6pm, it was the moment of truth for our eight start-ups!  The work each company put into their presentation skills and strategic messaging was now on display. The audience was interactive, posing insightful questions about each company’s vision, their proprietary technologies, and their objectives for expanding to the U.S. market. IMG_8836

The wine flowed, the tech talk and networking was abuzz, and the ubi i/o participants made their debut in the Silicon Valley ecosystem!


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