ubi i/o kick off week recap

An intense kick off week, to say the least, it honestly feels like ubi i/o started a month ago and we’re just getting started. Our entrepreneurs are going through numerous workshops, practicing their pitches, networking, meeting tech-giants, connecting with prospective clients & partners and consulting with successful trailblazers who are single handedly re-shaping our entrepreneur’s approach of doing business. We would like to personally thank each and every one of them, from sponsors, partners, mentors and entrepreneurs who have dedicated their time to helping our participants.


ubi i/o kick off day. Make the most of it.

In order to learn how to make the most of ubi i/o, they shared a breakfast discussion with Mathieu Lhoumeau, CEO @Contractlive, a ubi i/o 2014 alumni who settled in San Francisco during the program, and whose business is skyrocketing.


As one of the goal of ubi i/o o is to help the growth of our startups, the first lunchtime workshop was dedicated to the DOs & DON’Ts while having a business meeting in the USJulien Boubel, Sales Manager @LinkedIn, and Kevin Fishner, Director of Sales & Marketing at HashiCorp, gave their advice on preparing, conducting and following-up business meetings in the U.S, which is very specific in the Valley. This session addressed subjects considering human relations, company value presentation and communication best practices.


The day ended with a networking event, which is also a full component  of ubi i/o

Day 2: why are our startups in the Valley: Business!

No time to rest throughout this accelerator! As early as 7:45am on ubi i/o second day, Paul-Francois Fournier, Executive Director of Innovation @Bpifrance, our partner, came to our offices to share with our startups their strategy to sustain the growth of the French Entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Day after day, we’re approaching what ubi i/o is made for, why our startups are here: Business! That’s why Tuesday’s lunchtime workshop was dedicated to a critical point when you want to get known, grow your revenue and scale up: Corporate accounts! That’s Michael Amar, Co-founder and CEO @Ifeelgoods, Inc., Hugo Buret, Head of Business Development, Strategic Partnerships, Commerce @Google, & John McLane, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development @Epicor Software Corp came to share their insights on the spectrum of strategic relationships.


Wednesday: Networking, networking, networking

What if your startup already has traction in the U.S, your relationships and connections are starting to grow but your team isn’t deployed on the territory?

There is a way to handle it, and Jeremy Ben Sadoun, Business Developer @Algolia and Thomas Cottereau, CEO @SightCall came on Wednesday morning to give some insights to ubi i/o entrepreneurs. Here are 6 tips to ramp up your US revenue from abroad.


Lita Verrier and Jordan Beckerman from RMKB ran Wednesday Lunchtime Workshop to teach our 2015 class how to be defensive on their IP while starting a business in the US.


Networking, networking, networking. We’ll never say it enough and how crucial it is here in the Valley. Wednesday was a very special evening as the ubi i/o VIP Opening Night took place at the prestigious Battery here in San Francisco. After our 8 companies pitched, they got to meet their mentors, Executive from the Valley, journalists and entrepreneurs. An amazing penthouse view with priceless networking opportunities sums up a night that will certainly be engraved in everyone’s mind.  Thanks to our pitching coaches Laura Elmore & Page Alloo who helped our entrepreneurs tailor and fine-tune their presentations. 


The whole Bay Area was full of French Startups to end the week

To sum it all up, our entrepreneurs are now way sharper on how to pitch, network, conduct business meetings, and protect their IP’s … Looks like everything is ready to go for our startups to scale up. How to grow your startup from early stage to sustainability? That’s what Daniel Amzallag, CEO @Ivalua Inc and Christian Desert, Svp Global Sales – Store / IPS & CEO @Nexway Inc discussed during Thursday’s breakfast.  

As you may have notice, ubi i/o is more than an accelerator program, it’s a comprehensive Launchpad to your U.S operations and a powerful business enabler. It’s now time to execute upon what has been taught. Thursday and Friday have been dedicated to B2B meetings as part of ubi i/o’s development phase. From San Francisco, Cupertino, to San Jose etc … the entire Bay Area was full of French Startups connecting with some of the biggest companies around.


Final though: it starts with a pitch

Identifying your competitors, tailoring your positioning, communicating your differentiator is all part of the necessary work to pitch clearly and thoroughly. Thanks to our marketing & pitching coaches who have helped our companies prepare for this accelerator.


VIP guests were impressed to say the least by the level of our companies. You’re more than welcome to see them perform on stage on Thursday, May 7th.  Join us for free at  ubi i/o Startup Pitch Night!

That was only week 1, there are 9 more to go! Don’t miss anything of the program, follow us @ubi_io!

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