ubi i/o startup HEXO+ raises $3M to Revolutionize Aerial Filming with their Autonomous Flying Camera

A huge step forward for ubi i/o’s very own HEXO+, following a $1.3 million Kickstarter campaign last summer, we’re proud to announce that they just raised an additional $3 million from Living Water Investment Corp.

This funding will allow the company to finance the industrial development of the HEXO+ product and execute its roadmap by building their teams across Europe & the U.S. On top of that, they will roll out additional product lines targeted to a broader spectrum of consumers, making aerial filming and capturing life’s moments from up above accessible to anyone.

We’re particularly thrilled because this investment aligns HEXO+’s resources with the ambitious strategy they fine-tuned throughout ubi i/o’s program in their preparation to hit the U.S. market.

They’re now more ready than ever to execute and scale the strategic points we’ve been working on during the past 10 weeks, including distribution, customer support, and worldwide brand awareness.

The first thing HEXO+ worked on during ubi i/o was their messaging and positioning, which went hand in hand with the intervention of our pitching and communication coaches Page Alloo & Laura Elmore and Business France’s team. This process started 2 months before the actual beginning of the program. As you know, the aerial filming drone industry is dynamic and competitive. HEXO+’s mission is to provide “ the best way to capture life’s moments from above, delivering truly beautiful images while being reliable and safe for consumers across the world” as Antoine, CEO @HEXO+ quotes.

HEXO+ has already created its buzz throughout the Silicon Valley as they’ve been selected to numerous major pitching competition throughout the length of the program, including IoT World, The Startup Conference and the World Cup Tech Challenge.

We evolved a lot here, particularly on our positioning and brand awareness” says Medhi, co-founder @HEXO+.

Once again, congratulations to Antoine, Eva & Medhi, and the entire HEXO+ team! We can’t wait to see you succeed in the U.S.

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