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DSCN3276With Week 1’s Kickoff Soiree now a distant memory, the 8 ubi i/o start-ups are now applying their pitch coaching feedback and are in full-time pitching and meeting mode!

Monday morning marked the beginning of a week full of potential client and partner meetings all around Silicon Valley. The companies continued refining their presentations and messaging, always striving for more clarity and impact!

On Tuesday night, ubi i/o start-up Tradelab @Tradelab_RTB pitched at PitchForce, organized by Runway incubator. PitchForce is  “a series of monthly fund raising events for emerging technology companies” where start-ups pitch and network with angels and VCs. 

On Wednesday May 14th, day 8 of ubi i/o, the UBIFRANCE offices hosted a power-packed panel of Silicon Valley Product Managers:

  • Alexandra Levich, @Google
  • James Riseman, @Cisco Systems – WebEx
  • Aaron Verstraete, @Box

Each of the three panelists gave a 30 minute presentation on their definition and interpretation of the Product Manager’s role. It was interesting to see the similarities and differences in the product management role between B2C and B2B companies. The panelists were all in agreement that product management is a visionary and communicative role, requiring the management of engineering and sales teams and the assurance that the two groups collaborate efficiently. They stressed the importance of “dogfooding” new products, a.k.a. testing products out quickly and cheaply, getting as much feedback as possible from potential users, and adapting quickly. Concerning the role’s communication aspects, the panelists emphasized the need to understand the consumer, the purpose for which the consumer wants to use a product, and the problems they are trying to solve using the product. In three short words, according to Alexandra Levich, a Product Manager must  “Execute, Listen, Iterate.” Thursday night, three of the ubi i/o start-ups, The CoSMo Company, Vaderetro, and Antidot, pitched at VC Taskforce. The event called “Angel Elevator Pitch” allows entrepreneurs to give a two-minute elevator pitch presentation without any support materials. Finally,  Friday, UBIFRANCE was honored to co-host with Bpifrance, the French public Investment Bank, a networking lunch with Nicolas Dufourcq, the CEO of Bpifrance. Mr. Dufourcq was joined by three other esteemed panelists:

  • Bertrand Diard, Co-founder @Talend 
  • John Morada, Head of Research & Strategy @Capgemini   
  • Miguel Valdez Faura, CEO @ Bonitasoft

    The ubi i/o companies presented their pitch to the panelists and audience, and responded to follow-up questions. This pitch session was followed by lunch and networking.  



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